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Wanted is a photo editing app by Portegno Apps. Free

This is the first review we have done that isn't a game so it will be done a bit differently. Instead of gameplay, graphics and sound we will have purpose (How well the app serves its purpose), design (how well the app is done and the ease of use) and our opinion (what we think of this type of app)

Wanted is a very entertaining app which I spent hours with photos of my friends to make them a wanted criminal from the wild west. This app is made to pimp out photos of yourself and your friends. This app and its sister app, Cartoonizme serve this purpose very well and Wanted actually make the pictures look like they are straight out from the Wild West. There are many options that make the wanted poster feel very realistic from the possible wording and reward to how well the added items that can be put on the people suit a real person. I am yet to see a photo editor that is as entertaining as this, except Wobbles but for a totally different reason!

This app is very well designed and offers alot of choices to play around with. The text around the edge of the picture is very simple to add. When you start the app up the options for every different bit of text are able to be changed to whatever you choose. The criminals title, reward, status/other info and name are able to be changed to. I like these options as I half expected it to have pre-made designs that you choose from. There are alot of choices to put onto the picture right from a gun to a cowboy hat. When each of these choices are selected they are put on the screen, where you can make it bigger, move it around and rotate is all with just using the touchscreen. When you are happy with the poster you can download it to your Saved Photos to keep it in a higher resolution.

My opinion on this app is that it is very good to make fun of friends or to entertain yourself with pictures of yourself. I believe this is better than Cartoonizme, the sister app and it is currently cheaper at the ridiculous price of free! I was told by Portegno Apps that Wanted is having a bug where it crashes in its current version but this will be updated in Version 1.3. Buy this now while it is free.

Purpose- 9/10
Design- 8.5/10
Our Opinion- 9/10
Overall- 9/10

I would recommend this app if you enjoyed- Cartoonizme

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