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Pipe Mania

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Pipe Mania is a strategy game by Virtual Programming. $4.99

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Pipe Mania (previously Pipe Dreams) became a smash hit on platforms like the PC, PSP, DS and Wii. With the help of developer Robosoft this classic game has ventured onto the iPhone.

I have never heard of this title, but it has been out for over 20 yeasr, originally being introduced all the way back in 1987, the year before I was born! What has kept this title a favorite for all generations of gamers is how its evolved with the platforms, providing more gameplay and better graphics.

The great puzzle process used way back in the very early days is still present and dragging in new comers to the series as well as the old timers.

This is a great strategy game that reminded me of the Alchemistry puzzle in the online game Puzzle Pirates, but alot more engaging and challenging.

After my initial impressions of just one level I gave this the thumbs up. Right from the get go this game promised to challenge me ,and I found it difficult to even pass a level successfully, let alone get a gold star for it. The amount of content in the game is amazing and has justified the price for me, as it was looking like a simple $1.99 game before I actually started playing it. The game easily has quite a few hours of content just to complete all the levels, let alone all the challenges and gold rankings on top of that.

As you can see in the above screenshot, this game has come an incredibly long from its 1980's version. This is a game that looks and feels like it was handmade to be played on the iPhone. With groovy graphics that could challenge most puzzle games on the App Store, this game really has it all packed. From the many obstacles you face on the various levels, to the spillage when the flooze reaches the end of the pipe it is all created perfectly and with an amazing amount of detail.

A nice edition to the game is that for each level pack, there is a totally different game theme. Whether they're actually sewer pipes or train tracks it is a small but welcome addition to this game. Just from the screenshots on the App Store you can tell that this is a wonderful game to look at. It can even be tested out for yourself with a lite version of the game.

RoboSoft and Virtual Programming has done well to keep the controls of this game as simple as possible to make this game enjoyable. I was expecting to have to drag each piece from the side of the screen onto the wanted square, but instead all that is required is a simple tap to place the next piece in line.

This makes it alot easier and also less time consuming, which is a crucial part of the game, especially in later levels. Some special pieces such as the '?' piece requires you to tap where you want the piece to go and then another tap to choose what kind of piece it will be. Don't worry as you will figure out what this means when you buy the game. All in all it works very well and seems like it was a game designed perfectly for the iPhone.

Pipe Mania follows a very simple concept, but initializing it is the hard part. The basic way to complete each level is to get the flooze from a starting tap to an end drain somewhere else on the map. How do you do that exactly? Well you must direct the flooze around the city by placing pipe pieces on the map to successfully take the flooze from the start position to the ending position. This is not as easy as it sounds as the pieces do not fall out nicely, letting you create an easy route. You must plan ahead, placing pieces before they even join together, with at least two separate pipe lines running around the screen before you can manage to link them up and complete the level.

There are four game modes to compete in. The first is world mode, which gives you over 38 challenging levels with various themes to complete. These are set levels with obstacles and items set in a way to make them challenging. This is the main game mode and needs to be played quite a bit to unlock other modes. The next mode is arcade mode, which basically gives lets you try and complete as many levels as possible without losing. Bonus mode is different to the rest of the game by having a mostly pre-completed puzzle yet you have to place the correct pieces in their positions quickly to get a high score. Finally classic game lets you play the game, as it was originally designed to be. This involves trying to get the flooze to the end while earning as many

Pipe Mania brings in aspects of strategy, skill and speed to deliver a game that will be enjoyable for almost anyone. The quick paced game will have you screaming for the correct piece as the flooze reaches the end of your pipeline and starts to ooze out. This game hasn't made me think so hard compared to any other game on the App Store, focusing on you having a plan in your head before you even reach that spot on the map.

As you progress through the game and unlock more levels and game modes, it gradually becomes harder with more obstacles and new pieces to always test your skills. While this game isn't for those who enjoy an easy straightforward game, prepared to be taken to your limit with Pipe Mania. One of the best games on the App Store and the hours of fun is an absolute bargain at the weekend sale price of $0.99. Seriously guys, get it before it goes up. You won't regret it.

Gameplay- 9/10
Graphics- 7/10
Sound- 7.5/10
Overall- 7.5/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- Zentomino

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DJ Mix Tour

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DJ Mix Tour is a music game by Gameloft. $1.99

[A Modified Post from TheAppEra]

DJ Mix Tour is basically Gameloft’s version of Tap Tap Dance. In a way it is the same genre as this game but sadly, like Tap Tap Dance, it is also the worst in the series. I don’t know what it is about dance tracks and these games, but they generally don’t gel well together for me. There are a few big tracks like Poker Face and Just Dance by Lady Gaga which are good if you want to play these, but you might be better off with BeatRider Touch or Lady Gaga Revenge.

Like I said there are a few big songs. On Guitar Rock Tour I could name and sing along to 85% of the time With DJ Mix Tour I know the names of 5. The game is a much slower pace to other games in the genre which is better for those beginners. For those of you who are used to rocking out perfect scores on the extreme levels will find this quite boring. From what I hear all the time at parties, DJ’s don’t just mix music tracks and I would like to see more Hip-Hop and other types of tracks. On a plus side Gameloft has gone a step further with great graphics and a variation of the game style.

Tapulous provides amazingly smooth graphics, but are somewhat simple. While the ‘Tour’ series as such isn’t as smooth, it kicks the living notes out of TTR with the great graphics. Guitar Rock Tour focused on some groovy animations when tapping the buttons and a rocking performance by your band up the top of the screen. Just like Dance Dance Revolution S, DJ Mix Tour focuses on dancing. The buttons below are discs and give out a heap of electricity when touched. The dancing above is basically one big party with many people dancing and having a great time in all different locations all around the world. The environment for the game is just like one in a nightclub, and can get you really pumped up when playing some of the tracks.

As I said before there aren’t anywhere near enough big tracks for this game to really take off. Especially when it doesn’t focus on boss levels like Tap Tap Dance. I believe it should have more songs that alot of people from all generations can relate to. It may just be my taste in music, but what let this game down is the lack of big name tracks to sink your DJing teeth into.

DJ Mix Tour revolutionizes the way we play music games with you being forced to scream your lungs into the microphone everytime a disc comes along.

Just kidding, DJ Mix Tour has stuck with the process that actually works, and works well. There are three rows as such that the discs come down and you have to tap on them as they pass over the targets on the screen. DJ Mix Tour also has times where you are required to hold down taps for more points and tap more than one disc at a time. There are a couple of special options that appear after you get so many ‘DJ points’ as such and just require a tap to be activated.

The aim of DJ Mix Tour is to mix your way through 16 dance like tracks by hitting as many notes as possible and just genuinely having a fun time doing it. Obviously there is a little more to the game than that, and this is the one big area that Gameloft have hit on the head before Tapulous. As well as the quick play mode that lets you play any unlocked song, the ‘Tour Series’ have a career mode called The Tour. This mode jets you all around the globe playing songs for people in all different countries. There is a slight storyline to this mode but is just text at the beginning and end of each pitstop. DJ Mix Tour’s storyline is that you are basically going around competing against other DJ’s.

Now what is exactly the point of playing the tour when you can just play your favourite songs repeatedly in the Quick Play mode? Well when you start out only about three songs are unlocked and playing them on The Tour will unlock them for quick play mode. The Tour travels to various destinations and you may be playing some tracks more than once.

Each track has three difficulty levels, easy, medium and hard. The Tour can be played through with each difficulty level but once you play the song once in any difficulty it unlocks the song with all difficulties for Quick Play. There are two special buttons in DJ Mix Tour that has expanded on the double scoring method in Guitar Rock Tour. Every note you hit fills up your kind of Dance Meter and glowing discs give you bonus points towards this. Once it reaches halfway you have the option to either press a button to double your score for a certain period of time or to boost your confidence levels if you are really struggling. If you leave it until the meter is full you get some added bonus time as well as an incentive.

DJ Mix Tour is a great game for its current price of $1.99 and will provide hours of entertainment. Whether you want to complete the tour on all difficulty levels or Just Dance till your battery runs out, there is something for everyone. This is more of a game like the Special Edition Tap Tap Revenge games with a song genre instead of Guitar Rock Tour’s more open range. This game is great for those who love the dance/techno genre or would like a slower gameplay to other music games. For us who don’t fit into that catergory there is still a heap of fun to be had in this quality game.

While there is a bit of a letdown with a heap of big name tracks, which will hopefully be rectified in the upcoming Guitar Rock Tour 2, but apart from that this is a quality game. The graphics of this game are top notch and just what we come to expect from Gameloft. While this isn’t my preferred music genre it is still a top game that I would recommend you buying!

Gameplay- 8.5/10
Graphics- 10/10
Sound- 9.5/10
Overall- 9/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- Guitar Rock Tour

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International Athletics

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International Athletics is a sport game by Ghostlight. $5.99

I am sure many of you have bought Playman's Track & Field for $0.99. The game featured an Athletics theme with simple controls of tapping on buttons as they appear. The game worked extremely well and left me feeling like that earned by $0.99 and probably deserved an extra dollar or two.

When International Athletics was released I was very interested in how this game would work. For a higher price (Originally $9.99 before dropping down to $5.99) this game is a port of a top selling PSP game. International Athletics has alot more events to compete in with many game modes to play such as single event, decathlon or to try and get a gold medal. The game also features 3D graphics which originally made me think of Athens 2004 on the PS2. This is the first time Ghostlight has come to the iPhone, after spending many years publishing great games on larger platforms. Is this a successful port however? While the sales don't say so I think it is a top notch game.

This game has top notch graphics, even if the still shots of the game suggest quite dodgy ones. While at times the characters look like they were carved out of a piece wood by an amateur, they are generally looking as good or even better than the characters in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009. Ghostlight haven't taken the easy way out with the graphics, with full detailed stadiums perfect for competing in. The animation for all the events are really smooth and surprised me, especially since its a port from the PSP. Also unlike Playman's Track & Field you get the real experience with 3D graphics instead of the 2D ones. All around the graphics are a great selling point of this game.

There is a fair amount of sound effects used while the game is going, but as Tiger Woods showed if commentary is used right its a great feature. Being another sporting game that we watch on the TV all the time, this could easily engage you so much more if there was a bit of commentary between races/throws. Apart from this improvements its pretty good.

Generally Athletics games give you one heck of a workout, with even the fittest people cramping up after button mashing a 1500m race. Luckily for us we don't have to resort to this button mashing, instead Ghostlight has given us a slide method like the one in Guinness World Records. Running is done by sliding your finger constantly across the screen horizontally. This is needed for all all events basically but the field events require some more controls. This usually involves a tap and hold on the screen that you must get right to do the perfect throw or jump. These are generally easy to learn but take some time to master.

International Athletics has alot more events than Playman's Track & Field with ten to compete in. These range from the running races like the 100m, 110m hurdles, 400m and 1500m to throwing events like the discus, hammer throw and shotput to jumping events like the long jump, high jump and pole vault. There are multiple game modes to compete it ranging from Quick Play, Tournament Mode and the Decathlon.

Quick Play mode lets you play any event you want in one of the three difficulty levels to try and win the gold medal. Winning each event will give you a gold medal and you can pick up a medal for each of the three difficulty levels. Tournament mode is also over the three difficulty levels. Your aim in tournament mode is to rack up as many points as possible of a various number of events to try and win the gold trophy for that level. For those who think they can go the full distance I recommend you competing in the decathlon. The aim of the decathlon, for those who know their mathematics, is to compete in all ten events, trying to get as many points as possible to come away with the trophy. This is alot harder and requires you to be good at all the events. Once again you can play this in all three difficulty levels.

International Athletics is a big title that due to having trouble adapting to the different App Store process had trouble cracking the top 100. It is deserving of its reduced price of $5.99, especially since it sells on the PSP for alot more. The graphics and controls are excellent and both work very well on the iPhone. A 3D athletics game is also a welcome addition to the App Store. With the higher price however I would recommend trying out Playman's Track & Field for $1.99 and buy this if you were, like I was, quenching for more content. This is certainly to take a look at, an excellent all round game.

Gameplay- 9/10
Graphics- 9.5/10
Sound- 7/10
Overall- 8.5/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- Playman's Track & Field

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Preview: Gangstar- West Coast Hustle

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Gameloft recently announced that they are working on producing a full GTA-like game for the iPhone and iPod Touch called Gangstar: West Coast Hustle.
The game is due to be released by the end of summer for an unannounced price.

Some info about the upcoming title:
  • Take on L.A Gang life in that takes you to more unique environments than ever before
  • The first iPhone crime game with full 3-D graphics for an entire city
  • Hit the streets your own way. Drive for miles non-stop completing missions in your own time or just create havoc on the streets
  • Get rich, or die trying! Steal, shoot, drive, fight, walk your way to a life of riches by helping out relatives and gangs. If the police don't stop you first
  • Controls designed perfectly for the iPhone. Drive using the accelerometer and shooting is made easy with automatic aiming
  • Be your own inner Gangster by listening to any music station you want, or even music from your iPod
This game seems like one not to miss out on. Just to keep you hungry for more here are a few screenshots from what looks like a super impressive game.

Defender Chronicles

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Defender Chronicles is a tower defense game by Chillingo. $0.99

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Chillingo sneaks in a great tower defense app, especially for those who love the Role playing ingredients.

Combining the addictive and easy-to-learn gameplay of a tower defense game with story RPG elements, and immersive game world, Defender Chronicles delivers a brand new gaming experience like nothing you have played before. Returning to the glory days of epic battles, desperate princesses, artifacts hunting, and marvelous fantasy beasts. Travel the path of a warlord as you lead an army through the invasion of the Orc Hordes and the rising Undead.

I have been a big fan of Tower Defense games on the App Store, with this being the perfect platform for games like this. Before the iPhone the only tower defense game I played was Bloons Tower Defense. Defender Chronicles is totally different to any other game of its genre, straying away from both the open field of Fieldrunners and flat field of The Creeps and Star Defense. Instead Defender Chronicles takes the game vertically, with Orcs going from the bottom up or vice versa. It is a great concept pulled off beautifully

First of all, the Role Playing elements are evident just by the artwork alone. Everything form the campaign to the locations, the enemies and the weaponry screams RPG. There’s even a story being told (yes I admit I skipped it) in spoken word and in text as it’s being read to you. Hey the theme and presentation fits perfectly with the gameplay.

I have been playing this game from the very first build of the game and I am happy to say that is progressed extremely well to put out the final product that we see today. The graphics has progressed immensely during its production time and the many creatures that are featured in the game is quite superb. The number of monsters from what seems like the Lord of the Rings era is superb to say the least. There are a large range of maps with different backgrounds everytime.

The one small letdown from the graphics is the fighting animation. When your soldiers come up against a monster they take it in turns hitting each other until one dies. The animation in the fighting is each character taking a swing at the other, looking like nothing at all happened when they are hit. I think it could be a bit more intense then what it currently is.

The sound tends to get clustered during the game. For example, when you upgrade a warrior in the middle of a wave, the clashing of swords, enemy battle cry, or for those soldiers awaiting duties can NOT be heard. It hits a certain level, and it starts to either cut out or overlap creating excess noise. While it is a part of the game, it would be a nice to turn off the sound effects altogether. The background music is overpowering the sound effects. I would like improvements to be made to this.

The object of the game is to protect your gate while wave after wave of enemies come through the path in single file fashion. So as they trek down the path to the gate your Hero is protecting, you are supposed to set up certain checkpoints as such to slow down and kill off the enemies from crossing the gate. Once a certain number of Orcs or whatever crossing the gate, you succumb to defeat.

As the Hero, you set up the checkpoints with either warriors, archers, or halflings. As you gain gold coins, you have the option of upgrading their attack to a higher level in order to take on the tougher foes. Warriors (they look like medieval knights) change over to Berserkers with axes. Archers upgrade to Rangers. I’m not sure about the halfings and what they upgrade to since the Marshwood level is needed to be beaten to get them. And I haven't been able to do that yet. Some of the attacks don’t work on certain foes, so a mixture of arrows and swords need to be strategically placed and in time before a massive wave comes through and runs over your entire army.

There are 4 levels of play, starting in casual mode and working through veteran, heroic and master, your Hero levels up with experience. Per victory at a specific location, stars are rewarded to depict your victory’s level of difficulty. Harder levels give you less lives and the enemies are also harder to defeat. Beating harder levels will give you more EXP points as such to upgrade certain stats in the shop.

With each win or battle experience, you gain tokens to purchase weaponry to increase your Hero’s attack or defense in the Trade Shop. Those are hard earned by the way and every bit helps however small the reward is. Also you have the right or temptation to buy other soundtracks with those some tokens. Those are found in the Great Library. While I don’t understand why you would buy a soundtrack, the option is there if you decide on music over armor and a new sword.

In case you breeze through campaign mode, you have the option of a random freestyle game, extended, classic or classic extended. It’s good to have these choices if it’s too easy for you in the defaults. Customization extends the life of this game by leaps and bounds. Let’s not forget about the Fast Forward option either. When one Orc is taking its time strolling through the mountainside, hit the fast forward button to speed things up. Or for those who can handle it, leave fast forward on the whole time.

Defender Chronicles has been made to keep you playing the game long after most other games of the same genre, just because of the RPG style that requires you to play it levels multiple times. The game is currently on sale for $0.99 and it an absolute gem at that price. I would rate this game in the top 3 tower defense games along with Fieldrunners and Star Defense. For a first time developer who has had great help from publisher Chillingo to get this game noticed it is a top effort. Any RPG or tower defense fans will seriously enjoy this game!

Gameplay- 9.5/10
Graphics- 8/10
Sound- 7/10
Overall- 8.5/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- Star Defense

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New York Nights- Success in the City

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New York Nights: Success in the City is a sim game by Gameloft. $0.99

[A Modified post from TheAppEra]

NY Nights was released before The Sims 3 and realistically had a small time space to crack the top 50 before The Sims 3 came along and made everyone who hadn't bought this forget about it. This sadly never happened and even with a price drop to $0.99 the game hasn't seen its own 'Success in the City'.

This game however is far from deserving its bad rap and sales. The game is super addictive, providing many hours of entertainment that is a lot different to The Sims 3. NY Nights strays away from free playing nature of The Sims 3 and provides a more direct storyline that you must follow to continue unlocking new areas and people. The graphics are more 2D and remind me of the popular online PC game Habbo Hotel.

As I just said above the graphics are 2D and very similar to Habbo Hotel. The graphics are perfect for this type of game, and there is actually alot of detail in the game. There are about seven locations to travel around in New York with multiple buildings and houses available to look inside around the city. They are bright and look fantastic, giving the real feeling that certain areas of New York provide.

The animation in this game appears everywhere, as people are dancing and talking and trying to stand up like a drunk person without you talking to them. There are people moving in all directions in all areas, again giving the feeling of being in a busy part of New York.

New York Nights is all about point and clicking and telling your New Yorker what to do. It is far from the engaging parts of The Sims 3, but uses the same type of set-up as what is in the majority of The Sims series. What sets this game apart from others is the absurd options that you can get at times. You get a chuckle when you try to make friends with a person on the side of the street but one of the options is to make the person drunk.

These controls aren't the best for all situations however. When in certain areas like on the dance floor it is incredibly clustered and trying to go to a certain place or do an action is more of a hit or miss in whether you get the option to pop up or not. Generally though this process works extremely well and is easy to pick up and play for the first time without the need to read up on how to use the instructions.

Take your New Yorker to the streets as they follow a life of either friendship or fame. As you venture through six districts of New York as well as various buildings you will find your character and your pathway. New York Nights gives you 40 game days to become as successful as you wish to be, but the main part of the game will take you considerably less.

The game follows a kind of career mode with 7 chapters to complete. Whether it is from paying the rent, getting your first job at the local nightclub or meeting the world famous Starlet, it will take you on an action packed journey with love, laughs and tears. There aren't really many choices you get to make in the way the story works out, with two endings that are irrelevant to how the game pans out. Still the first time you play this game and reach one ending I was convinced to complete the game once again to see what happens if I chose the other option.

Like in the Sims you have to worry about how your character is feeling in all different ways. You have many stats such as your body, your social state and how bad you need to go to the toilet. Maintaining these is pretty easy but how well you upgrade your stats will determine how people think of you in the town. The game is all about people a fun simulation game that is meant to let real New Yorkers relate to the feelings experienced in the town.

What I didn't expect in a game like this was quite a bit of comedy. Some of the quotes and sayings that come up in the chat between various characters is hilarious and would make the characters in Zenonia proud. When asking some people about their favorite game they confidently say that Asphalt 4 Elite Racing is absolute amazing. Another time I managed to talk a girl into saying that she starting hitting on another girl only to find out that it was a dude with a mullet.

The game actually has a decent amount of fun content to play around with. The career mode will take about 2-3 hours to complete, but what lets this game down is that once the career part has finished and you are left to explore New York there is absolutely nothing to do. Sadly the incentive to continue playing went out the window and I went onto other games like Asphalt 4 Elite Racing which has some of the coolest cars around!

For $1 New York Nights provides a great casual sim game that will guarantee to give you a good 4-5 hours of entertainment. The game is no where near the quality and class that The Sims 3 will provide you, but if you aren't looking for the A+++ experience then this will do you just fine. Of course the game is from Gameloft so quality is a given with them.

Great graphics, a straightforward storyline but with a lot of laughs is a basic wrap-up of what you will find in the center of New York. This is easily one of the best $0.99 games. This is one that you seriously need to consider picking up.

Gameplay- 8.5/10
Graphics- 9/10
Sound- 6.5/10
Overall- 8/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- The Sims 3

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App Store Turns One Year Old

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We have done it! Over 50,000 Apps later an our beloved App Store is about to turn the big '1'!

In recognition of this achievement Apple has released what they consider to be the 'best' 30 games on the App Store.
Here is my top 30:

30. F.A.S.T - Fleet Air Superiority Training! $2.99

This amazing Flight Simulator from SGN is quite amazing graphically and offers an exciting flight with 'The War' coming soon.

29. BeatRider Touch $0.99

BeatRider lets you take control of what music you tap to with its revolutionary concept. Who needs to buy TapTapRevenge expansion packs when you can just download to BeatRider?

28. Metal Gear Solid Touch $7.99

Konami beautifully recreates an arcade style of Metal Gear Solid with all the cool graphics that we have come to expect. More of a point and shoot game but certainly one of the better ones.

27. Vans Sk8 Pool Service $2.99

The first true skating game on the App Store. Complete with a large set of tricks and a few real characters, you are set for one heck of a ride!

26. iDracula - Undead Awakening $2.99

MoreGames second game published by Chillingo. A simple arcade game that has blown me away how good it is. Looks out for Vampire Origins soon.

25. Flick Fishing $0.99

Freeverse's premier title that is the perfect fishing title with hours of adventure and fun to be around in both rivers and the high seas.

24. Amateur Surgeon $2.99

A flash game ported to the iPhone. Since when was a pizza boy using pizza tools to perform surgery not fun? It certainly is here.

23. Tap Tap Revenge 2 Free

The sequel to the hugely popular Tap Tap Revenge. With great graphics, themed tracks by large artists and TTR3 coming soon, why not join in now?

22. Knights OnRush $0.99

Finally a Defend Your Castle game was made actually fun! With graphics to die for and hilarious animations this is a game not to pass up.

21. Car Jack Streets $2.99

After Payback was released I was looking for a gamer with more depth. How about a storyline built to last 20 weeks! This is the perfect GTA clone (So far).

20. Terminator Salvation $4.99

As I call it Brothers In Arms 2.0 with improved graphics, gameplay and a whole heap of John Connor fighting Skynet. Join the Resistance now.

19. X2 Football 2009 $6.99

The best soccer game on the App Store with a more realistic game than Real Soccer 2009 and better graphics. Worth the extra price.

18. TouchGrind $4.99

Touchgrind is the first great app by Illusion Labs which uses the touch controls to perfection as a finger skateboard. One of the all time greats.

17. Let's Golf! $1.99

A great arcade style golf game with graphics on par with PSP golf game Hot Shots Golf. A heap of gameplay and worth buying at its sale price.

16. Doom Resurrection $9.99

id Software bring out this absolutely huge game with amazing graphics that still scare me at times. Definitely worth a pick up for fans.

15. Brain Challenge $4.99

One of the most unheard of Gameloft games that I see as better than the Nintendo DS Brain Training series. Still gets played daily 9 months later.

14. Baseball Slugger: Homerun Race 3D $2.99

Com2Us' second crack at making a baseball game and this one hits the spot with the addictive gameplay and super online Match-Up mode.

13. 2XL Supercross $7.99

Motocross champ Stephane Roncada has designed some beautiful tracks for a game which has some of the best graphics in the App Store.

12. Zenonia $5.99

Gamevil brings their popular mobile RPG to the iPhone with Zelda style graphics and over 40 hours of gameplay. Definitely getting your money's worth!

11. StarDefense $5.99

NgMoco take the tower defense concept and sticks in over far away planets providing an amazing 3D experience. An amazing concept that has once again worked.

10. Tiger Woods PGA Tour $6.99

Finally a true golf simulator has been brought onto the App Store by Electronic Arts. Tiger is back and runs smoothly in this great golf game.

9. Rolando $5.99

The iPhone's Mario. When we think of a staple game for our device we think of Rolando which uses all of the functions to perfection. If you don't have this you are missing out.

8. Fieldrunners $2.99

One of the most popular games and best games on any console for 2008. Brilliant graphics and an open field tower defense game that screams class.

7. Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles $4.99

A full DS port and for only $4.99? I call a great pick up. Assassin's Creed is one of my favourite Xbox game and this is certainly the same.

6. Real Racing $9.99

Australia's own Firemint bring 0ut their pride and showoff game Real Racing that is a extravagantly good racing sim worth all 999 cents that it costs.

5. Need for Speed: Undercover $6.99

Need for Speed can safely say it has the best graphics on the iPhone, with a racing experience to die for and a big dose of perfection in the fuel tank.

4. Zen Bound $4.99

Chillingo's premier game from developer Secret Exit. The simple process of wrapping rope around wood is mystifying and peaceful, coupled with amazing graphics. A must buy.

3. Peggle $4.99

Who would have thought that shooting balls at little colored blocks would be so addictive? Many hours of enjoyment is to be had in the superb game.

2. Rolando 2: Quest for the Gold Orchid $9.99

The sequel to the popular Rolando. With more levels and improved 2.5D graphics, this is easily worth the advertised $9.99. 'If you don't buy this you don't like videogames.' IGN.com

1. The Sims 3 $9.99

Electronic Arts takes the honors this year with their juicy Sims 3. Hours of fishing, gossip and exploring is to be had in a complete neighborhood and amazing graphics. BUY IT. LIKE NOW!
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