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Fieldrunners is a tower defense by Subatomic Studios. $4.99

Fieldrunners is the most original tower defense game in the app store to this date. They have taken the principal of runners trying to escape by getting from the start to the end of a path and widened it out so the path is up to you. The games provides an infinite number of ways to construct your map consisting of Gatling Tower, Goo Tower, Missile Tower and Tesla Tower each with 2 optional upgrades to make the towers stronger.

The graphics in this game are very impressive. The cartoon feel to the game makes it that little bit easier to not feel so guilty about killing the fieldrunners. The smoothness of the entire game is top class, there is no glitchiness what so ever from the moving and shooting of the towers to the way the fieldrunners try to run to safety. The only slight downside to the graphics is that when you zoom in heaps by pinching two fingers together, the picture gets slighty pixelated.

The music in the game is quite enjoyable. Each fieldrunner has a sound that they make when they die, but this gets quite irritating at times. Overall quite good.

The menu is very easy to look at and captures your attention with the great art on the left of the screen. The screen makes it easy for first time players with easy to read links. There is play, this is where you choose what map you want, currently there is either grasslands or crossroads. There are two modes for each of these maps, Classic, try to survive 100 levels and Endless, survive for as long as possible. Each of these two modes have three difficulty levels to them, easy medium and hard for anytype of gamer. Next is the resume button for games which you are in progress of playing, saving the game is easy and by going back to the menu or clicking the home button to exit the app saves it automatically. Your scores are shown next, the classic and endless scores are merged and the scores are only shown with different tabs for the maps, saving space. Finally there is help with tells some information about each tower and what its properties are.

The best part of this app is obviously the gameplay. It doesn't matter which map or difficulty level you start with, the fieldrunners at the start of the game are very easy to beat and gradually get harder to beat. There are fieldrunners which are exclusive to certain maps and many different types on both of them. Every 10 levels are boss levels which bring out the strongest opponents you will find ranging from large blimps to tanks and robots. The maps are all a rectangle shape and allow ample room to create your path for fieldrunners to follow. Grasslands was the first map and has one entry and one exit. Crossroads gets a little bit more difficult and you have to cater for two entries and two exits.

With all this it has a massive replay factor which is an added bonus to any game. Trying to get a perfect score on hard or surviving to level 200 will consume hours of gameplay which you won't even notice. To move towers onto the field you must click and drag from the towers button. You have the option, found in the Settings, to show a grid on the map which makes it easier to place and the ability to zoom in to make sure that tesla is placed in the right place to kill the boss. Version 1.2 is currently in the final stages of development with one new map and two new towers which will add to the amount of gameplay you can get out of it!

This is an extraordinary game which would appeal to anyone who craves tower defense games or anyone who likes playing games everynow and then. In my opinion this is the best game on the app store under $5. Get it now!

Graphics- 9.5/10
Gameplay- 9/10
Sound- 8.5/10
Overall- 9/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- Tap Defense

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5 Responses to "Fieldrunners"

spamboy Says :
January 9, 2009 at 6:30 PM

I would like to add that a new update is coming with:
(for sure)
2 new towers
A new map
A new killer feature (according to devs)

1 more new map
1 more tower
Story mode?

istopmotion Says :
January 9, 2009 at 6:34 PM

Great review. I have the game, but I still enjoyed reading it. :)

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