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Paper Airplane

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Paper Airplane is a game of survival by Lilasoft. $0.99

Paper Airplane is an endless yet simple game where you must dodge certain items while collecting others. There are three difficulty levels, easy, medium and hard and on each you have three lives to try and last as long as possible. The game seemed hard for me even on easy with the controls to start with, it may make a difference when you play using the y axis controls, but after a few tries you get the hang of the gameplay.

The graphics aren't that flash. Everything is pixelated and the birds are hard to see at times. I would like to see updated graphics as well as the game zoomed in a bit so it is easier to see everything. One thing that is good in the game is the uniqueness of everything in it, the game description says that every background, every cloud is unique in its shape and gradient. The game is responsive and quickly moves the airplane to your movement. Sometimes it moves a bit too much but with practice I am sure it wouldn't happen.

The only sound provided for this game are the sound effects of balloons popping and birds flapping, which at even with the volume turned down halfway I found loud and a bit irritating. You can play your own music in this game and I would recommend only having that on.

As I said above, the game is theoretically endless. There are no levels as such in the game, it is a casual survival mode only. Birds are flying at you at various speeds and you must dodge them as well as running into the kites and balloons to pop them, earning points. After being hit by three birds the game is over and you put your score onto the High Scores list. Currently there is no global high scores list, I believe this should be added to put a bit of competition into the game.

This game is for casual play only. There is a small bit of replay factor early on until you master the game but after that I wouldn't expect anyone to play it much. An alright game for only $0.99, but not a must buy.

Gameplay- 6/10
Graphics- 4.5/10
Sound- 4/10
Overall- 5/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- Paper Pilot

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