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World of Cheese Review

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World of Cheese - Free + IAP
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World of Cheese is a crafty little puzzle game that is great for the whole family. I didn't really know what to expect when I jumped into the game the first time, but found myself addicted to the logical puzzles you must solve to give the mouse his block of cheese. This isn't your standard game of repetitive levels, which is a good thing because I was fearing it would be a short adventure of only 35 levels. Each one is vastly unique and offers a logical puzzle that isn't related to anything seen before it. While relatively simple in theory, figuring out these puzzles with test your logic and repeating levels to get that gold star for a perfect score will keep you coming back.


This is a simple game, with simple yet effective graphics. Animations are kept to a minimum and only items that are required to complete the level can move. The rest of it is a picture that you could imagine being straight from a book for children. It's pretty and keeps things simplified which makes this game accessible to even the smallest of children. When playing the game I had a five year old boy in the house. I asked him what he thought of it and he said its a colourful cartoon. The appeal was there and it was easy for him to understand, which is the most important thing.

As I said above, parts of the screen can be interacted with by touching, dragging or flicking. Depending on what the item requires will determine whats available. When objects interact they perform a pre-animated sequence to show that you correctly solved that bit of the puzzle. The simple nature is rewarding and interesting enough to keep youngsters playing. It's nothing spectacular, which means you can easily load this onto the kids old iPod Touch or your shiny new iPhone 5S. It's accessible by all which is the main thing here.


World of Cheese is a challenging logic game where you have to solve challenges, puzzles and riddles to reveal the cheese to give to the mouse. There are 10 levels with the free version and an additional 25 available for IAP at $0.99 if you decide you like the game. It doesn't sound like much content but you will quickly figure out that the levels do take a bit of thinking and a lot of thought and detail has gone into each one.

Describing exactly what you do in this game is hard. So hard in fact that there are no instructions, you are simply thrust into the first level and made to figure it all out. Each level is diversely different and you don't know what you will be facing next. One level required me to milk a cow after feeding it four leaf clovers, yet the one prior to that had me fixing and painting a fence. They are just small challenges that test your logic as you work out what needs to be completed before the next part of the puzzle can be accessed. Levels involve a bit of trial and error, but it is rewarding when you finally figure out how to solve the puzzle.

There is enough in this title for adults, but also kids since they thrive on this kind of simple brain activity. I found that when the boy played it he kept mucking around with using different items until all of a sudden it clicked and he was able to solve the first puzzle. Once he achieved that he was hooked and had to keep on going. So many games today fail to hold the attention span of the gamer, but the addictive nature of World of Cheese is pleasing. I hope they continue to reward owners by updating it with more free content, as well as follow up IAP to complement the levels everyone is receiving.


When I first opened World of Cheese I thought it would be another standard puzzle game that would fall into the pile of mediocrity. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a game that tested my wit and genuinely made me think about how to solve a puzzle steps in advance. You may zoom through the 35 levels, but as long as the developers can promise future levels it is definitely a title to keep on your phone because of the fun, light hearted nature it provides.

Graphics - 7.5/10
Sound - 6/10
Gameplay - 8.5/10
Overall - 7.5/10
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