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iPhone 5 - The Search Starts Now

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It has been only a handful of months since the iPhone 4S was launched but already the hunt for patents and evidence of the new iPhone 5 is underway. While it is early in the inevitable development of the iPhone 5 (or more likely the 'new' iPhone), a few sites have already released pictures and descriptions of what they believe will be in the new iPhone.

I am no photoshop expert myself so putting together an accurate representation of what I expect from the iPhone 5 is hard. I have gone ahead and looked at various images and mock-ups from other sites to see convey what I think the next product is going to be. For me, I don't see Apple changing the size of the screen. Having over 500,000 apps on the App Store that are already designed for a specific screen size presents problems if they all need to be altered to fit a slightly bigger screen. If you want the games to be bigger get an iPad.

I see the device getting even slimmer, if even marginally. I can see borders around the screen becoming non-existent and soon we will have an iPhone which goes from side to side with the actual screen. Specs wise it's safe to see everything bumped up extensively to match not only new phones on the market but to match the power of Apple's own iPad.

Here are two sites which offer up a variety of different representations. I think that they could potentially be on the money with some design aspects of the future iPhones. The clear glass iPhone is something that would be super cool but obviously quite a few years away. Other designs on the pages seem more in line with possibilities and it's great to check out what people have been able to make in anticipation of a release later in 2012.

1. New iPhone 5 Photos
2. iPhone 5 Leaked Pictures

Stay tuned for more information hopefully coming soon!
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