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iDracula - Undead Awakening

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iDracula - Undead Awakening is a shooter game by Chillingo Ltd. $2.99

This game by the creators of Orions: Legend of Wizards is one of my most played games. The great pick-up and play nature of this game provides fun for all people. This shooter game is fast paced super addictive. The great way the game is played means that you aren't button mashing a shoot button, just continuously giving your fingers a workout. The latest version of the game has provided alot more to do, with two new game modes, bumping it up to four, and the option to choose out of three landscapes with slightly different enemies instead of one. All of these updates provide a heap more to do, and justifies why the price went from $0.99 to $2.99. There are no difficulty levels in iDracula, but each of the game modes start with easy characters but they get stronger and faster as you progress, but to counteract that so do your weapons. This game stands out from the rest with the way the controls work and how well it looks I believe, but the gameplay is something that must be experienced.

This game is super detailed, which is nothing short of what I expected from MoreGames. Everything from the unique monsters, the different landscapes and your character is built to perfection. All of the different monsters look original and detailed in their movement. The landscapes have alot of different items and places in them and looks just amazing. This game is super polished with there never being any frame rate issues, even when there are alot going on in the screen in the later stages of the game. There are eight different weapons which all have unique properties such as reload speed, damage and look. The controls in this game are well thought out, and are a welcome change from the old d-pad. There are two circular buttons on each side of the screen down the bottom of the screen. They are both used in a circular motion and wherever the arrow is pointing while your finger is still on it is the way you will walk/shoot. This sounds like you won't be doing much, but both of the buttons will keep your fingers moving alot as it is needed to survive. The left button is used to run around avoiding the monsters while the right button is used to shoot your weapon. In the middle of these are the different weapons, which can be changed by swiping left or right. This is a big let-down as it is really hard to change them while keeping your focus on the game. I would like to see a tap left or right to change the weapons instead, or an improvement on the swiping action.

The soundtrack in the game fits the type of game perfectly. The music soundtrack just replays itself over and over with the edgy, fast paced beat. The rock music is a great way to kill enemies I must admit, and I really enjoy listening to it. The weapons all have their unique sound effect and when you are attacked by the monsters they also make a noise.

I will explain the four game modes. Survival mode is the main mode which I play. This mode starts you off with a simple gun and a few slow and week monsters coming towards you. As you last longer they increase in speed and strength but so do your weapons. Every three levels, which happen with the game still playing, a dracula appears and you must kill him to collect an omen while monsters are still attacking you. Every now and then you can get a perk that increases your health, gives you special powers or more points in some circumstances. You keep playing until you are killed. Super Survival mode works on the same principal as Survival with a few tweaks. Basically there are a few original perks and dropped items that you can find in Super Survival, otherwise it is the same. Rush is the mode you would play if you want to finish the game in only a minute or two. I don't believe that you can earn any omens from Rush, but I haven't lasted long enough to find out. The basic principal is that you get to choose out of 3 weapons to fight with, and the one you choose has unlimited ammo. The very first monster from Survival comes at you faster and in greater numbers non-stop until you die. There are no health potions or anything in this mode. Wave Attack is as close as you can get to a story mode in iDracula. There enemies come in waves and you must kill them all before having a break between levels where a mystical guy will sell you what is usually dropped by the monsters. The monsters drop money instead so you can choose what to buy.

Each of these game modes provide alot of fun, and I have played all four of them countless times. I can't believe how good everything is in this game, with no room for errors. A few glitches were in version 1, which I found out and they have gladly been fixed by MoreGames. iDracula has huge replayability just from its sheer addictiveness. I would like to see an online leaderboard as well, and maybe on the leaderboard have an Omen count to see who the real Dracula hunters are. This game is perfection for its price, I would happily pay a more premium price like $4.99 for this game, but people wouldn't give it the treatment it deserves. For $2.99 it is a steal, and hopefully more updates can come to supply everyone with their dose of iDracula.

Gameplay- 10/10
Graphics- 10/10

Sound- 9.5/10
Overall- 9.5/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- Orions: Legend of Wizards

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Hero of Sparta

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This is my first review that I did specifically for a different site, TheAppEra, so I thought I would share it with you who didn't see it. These reviews won't generally be put on this site as well

I don’t think there are too many of these button smashing and mashing games on the app store, but this one definitely comes out trumps in my eyes. The amount of detail and great storyline provides a great experience.

Hero of Sparta ($5.99)

Fun gameplay, stunning Spartan lands, easy controls and the three difficulty levels makes it hard to resist yelling, “THIS . . . IS . . . SPARTAAA!” when killing some of the many enemies in this game.

Unlike the other two Gameloft games reviewed this past week, Hero of Sparta has been out since 2008 and many people should have had the chance to play the game. The great storyline means there is a reason for everything that happens in the game, and provides a lot more entertainment than walking around killing random creatures.

Forums: Hero of Sparta


I wasn’t expecting this game to have much to actually do. I was thinking maybe 2 or 3 levels and then harder difficulties but was very surprised. There are eight chapters to play through in order of the story, with an average of 20 minutes to complete each chapter on each. So there is over 9 hours in total if you wish to finish each difficulty level.

Your surroundings are highly detailed and the graphics of this 3D environment are beyond superb. Each chapter has its own soundtrack to hack your way through as well as realistic sounds of fighting, jumping and everything else. Many in-game cut scenes take place and use the in-game scenery for them since it is so good. Over the whole game I only found frame-rate to be an issue once and it generally ran very smoothly for such a busy game.


There isn't much that is needed to know in order to play Hero of Sparta as the controls are fairly self-explanatory. The first level is really an in-game tutorial that gives clear instructions of what to do with each of the buttons.

As you can see above the instructions are fairly simple but clearly show what is needed to do. I believe there were about four of these instructions during the first level. These instructions however didn't appear when needed all the time. For example when you were randomly walking along the fighting button was explained, not as monsters were appearing.

The green button on the right of the screen is dragged around to run, which makes it a lot easier than trying to tilt the device. On the right side of the screen there are two buttons which are generally used during fights. The top right button is used to attack with one of your five weapons that you find along the way and can be mashed repeatedly as it generally is. The lower left button is used as a defensive button to block attacks, but I never used it for that purpose. When dragging the button to a North East direction you can trigger your current weapons special attack which can be used on either enemies or walls blocking your path. In the upper right of the screen is a button that can be used to change your weapon.

Two buttons sometimes appear above the attack button. One of these is a green arrow that when pressed allows you to jump up to a higher ledge. The other button is a blue one that lets you focus kill one of the bigger enemies when they have been hit enough times. When this is triggered skull buttons come up on the screen and they must be pressed to kill the enemies and get extra orbs than a normal kill.


There is only one game mode in the game but it comes in three difficulty levels easy, normal and heroic. Heroic mode is locked until you complete easy or normal and all weapons you have from your previous game are brought with you into Heroic to make it a little bit easier.

After selecting the mode you are taken to the start of the game with one of the many awesome in-game scenes.

I will talk about Level 2 onwards here. Each level provides you with something to complete in order to finish the level. Sometimes it may be to defeat a certain creature at the end of the challenging puzzles that are incorporated in the game or to destroy a certain building. Whatever is needed to be completed is stated by the Fairy that follows you through the depths of the Underworld in another great in-game scene.

Whatever is needed to be completed, it generally ends with you earning a new weapon or piece of clothing that adds to your skills. The weapons can be upgraded with the red orbs that you get from killing the enemies.


Hero of Sparta is a superb game that I would recommend to any fans of these type of games. The one concern for me with a short playing time was thrown out the window the minute I played it. Amazing graphics, great sound effects, super fun gameplay and the perfect layout provides you with a top notch effort.

The only downside is once completing the game there is generally not a lot to do so I would like to see maybe a HoS 2 or downloadable stories that could be of the same length when the iPhone OS 3.0 comes out in June.

If you haven't bought this game already after reading the review do it straight away otherwise this huge dog will eat you!


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Tweetie is a Twitter Client app by Atebits. $2.99

As many of you may know I use Twitter quite alot and finding a decent Twitter app for the iDevice has been hard. I have had my fair share of apps such as Twitterific and Twitterfon, but Tweetie easy is a full bodylength in front of the rest. Tweetie completes its purpose of being a Twitter client extremely well, just looking at the different features on iTunes completes a list of 23. There are some things on Tweetie that you can't even do without alot of effort and knowledge on Twitter. Some notable features of Tweetie is the 255 character Direct Message limit compared to Twitter's 140, the ability to use TwitPic and other services to post pictures, the ability to use TwitLonger and other services to post longer tweets, the ability to handle multiple Twitter accounts at once, the ability to search for nearby Twitter users and many many more. As well as these special features, the basic functions are delivered in a simple to use manner. This is obviously surpassed what is needed for the app, and being the only Twitter app in the top 50 is reason enough to buy it.

This game is designed to work to perfection on the iDevice. There is alot going on many buttons that are used in the app, and they are all big enough to be used with ease. There are different themes which can be used while using Tweetie. One of these is the bubble theme, that shows the users name under the profile picture with a speech bubble coming from them. This theme is generally easier to read and to determine who has tweeted what. I personally don't use this as I get many tweets from the people I am following a day, so I use the normal or 'dark' theme. These are the same except the dark theme is obviously darker. They still show the name and profile picture but the tweets are all joined together and are more compact. I find this easier for what I do, but they are both there to use. Reposting tweets from people and mailing the links or posts through email is all easy enough to get to. The main functions are all easy enough to use such as posting tweets and sending direct messages. Easy codes can be used for short-cuts in certain functions such as posting a tweet as 'D iPhone_Reviews' and it will send a Direct Message to iPhone_Reviews. Super easy design and first time Tweeters will be able to use it.

As you can probably tell I really enjoy using this app. A majority of my iDevice users that use Twitter use Tweetie, which shows how popular it is. This app has been super smooth for me, with the only problems occurring when there has actually been an outage on Twitter itself. Once using Tweetie, I have never gone back to my other Twitter clients. If you are a user of Twitter I would recommend buying this app instead of getting a free Twitter client, as the amount of options on Tweetie really sells it to me. For those who have never ever had a Twitter account or even know what Twitter is, it is the biggest social networking site that lets you send straight to the point messages. For first time users I would recommend getting a free app until you get the hang of Twitter and decide if you want to keep using Twitter before buying this. There is nothing that compares to Tweetie, Buy it now.

Purpose- 9.5/10
Design- 9.5/10
Our Opinion- 10/10
Overall- 9.5/10

I would recommend this app if you enjoyed- Twitterific

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GDC Coverage: Electronic Arts

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This week will be having various posts about new or exciting previews and games that are announced at the GDC.

Today we are featuring Electronic Arts Mobile who have announced 16 amazing iPhone games for 2009 as well as a new feature for one of their previously owned games.

The list of announced games by Electronic Arts are:
Tiger Woods PGA TOUR
The Sims 3
NBA Live
Madden NFL Football
Spore Creatures
Mystery Mania
Wolfenstein RPG
American Idol
Connect 4
Need for Speed
Monopoly Classic

The other big news by Electronic Arts is about their already released game Scrabble and Facebook. Here is the official press release:


Play EA Mobile’s SCRABBLE Anytime, Anywhere with New Seamless Integration Between Facebook Connect, iPhone and iPod touch

LOS ANGELES, Calif., – March 24, 2009– EA Mobile™, a division of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS), today announced that SCRABBLE on Apple’s App Store now supports Facebook® Connect. The new edition of SCRABBLE connects the Facebook SCRABBLE application to a SCRABBLE game on iPhone™ and iPod® touch – or vice versa – allowing fans in the U.S. and Canada to have access to their favorite Hasbro-branded crossword puzzle game any time, any place.

“We’re excited to be one of the first companies to bring this popular game to two of the most prolific platforms in recent years, the iPhone and Facebook,” said Travis Boatman, Vice President of Worldwide Studios, EA Mobile. “With this new innovation, we’re giving players the opportunity to engage in SCRABBLE games from an iPhone, iPod touch or Facebook seamlessly, whether at home, during work or on the road.”

This connected version of SCRABBLE provides an intuitive interface that allows head-to-head challenges with family, friends or anyone accessing the game on Facebook, an iPhone or iPod touch. Start on Facebook and switch to iPhone or iPod touch to keep playing on the go. Connect with a Facebook friend from an iPhone or iPod touch or join a public game on Facebook. With easy tracking of scores and statistics, players always know where they rank against competitors. While playing SCRABBLE, gamers can enjoy built-in chat so they can converse with opponents and friends throughout the game. Players can also get help from in-game dictionaries.

“The ‘pick up and go’ integration between Facebook, iPhone and iPod touch allows SCRABBLE fans to truly stay connected to the game they love to play,” said Mark Blecher, General Manager of Digital Gaming and Media at Hasbro. “It is a great example of how technology is opening new and exciting channels of gameplay for one of the most popular board games in North America.”

SCRABBLE is available on Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at www.itunes.com/appstore, and on Facebook for users in the U.S. and Canada, or by simply visiting www.eamobile.com. Customers who currently own SCRABBLE for the iPhone and iPod touch can download the update for free on their device. For information on pricing for all EA Mobile games, please visit www.eamobile.com.

- We are going to be reviewing Scrabble very soon so keep an eye out to see what we think about this great new update.

Preview: Marble Blast Mobile

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GarageGames/iTorque Technology Presents:

Marble Blast Mobile

Marble Blast Mobile transports your iPhone and iPod touch to a futuristic astrolab arena suspended high in the clouds. Race your marble through moving platforms and dangerous hazards, while collecting rare gems and power-up enhancements, in an effort to complete each course in record time. Play alone or compete head to head in a multiplayer mode race for the gems.

Key Features
• Marble Blast gameplay on iPhone & iPod Touch devices
• 20 single-player levels to complete with and 10 multiplayer levels
• Play multiplayer against 4-8 friends in head-to-head matches
• Record best times and try for the gold medal for each level
• Use power-ups to enhance the abilities of your marble
• Select from 15 marble designs to use in-game

Product Specifications
Publisher: GarageGames
Ship Date: TBD
Price: ?
Platform: iPhone/iPod touch
Genre: Action/Puzzle


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Sway is a puzzle game by Illusion Labs. $4.99

From the developers who brought us Touchgrind, we have again another excellent and original creation. Just recently there have been a few apps like this that are pushing what the iDevice can do as a gaming system. This game has the same basic principal as Touchgrind, with the controls being easy to understand, but hours to master and this is the case with Sway. Recently the game was updated to version 1.1 which provided players with 10 more levels and 3 more characters to play with. This bumps the total up to 25 levels and 10 characters to play with. This was a welcome sign as many people complained the game was too short for its $4.99 price tag, but now it is not the case. I have spent many hours on this addicting puzzle game, and still haven't mastered the way of the Sway.

This game is graphically beautiful. I have to commend them on the detail and design of the different characters. There is no way to describe how real they look. The different levels designs also have this feel to them and really look 3D. This is a top notch effort that really shows how well a game can look when enough work has gone into it. Absolutely love the graphics to bits. The controls in this game as said before are one of a kind. They surprised me a bit how they work, but after thinking about it for a bit I decided it was better than my method. Basically the way it works is that you must touch and hold on the right side of the screen to hang onto your surroundings with your right hand, and the same for the left. Then to move yourself you must swing yourself with the same finger on the screen by moving your finger in the desired direction(s) depending on how far you want to go. To start off with I tried tilting my device but that didn't work. An uncontrollable method of moving is to move your finger is a circular motion and just let go and hope.

This game has two great soundtracks that is uses. One of these is used on the menu screens and has a great beat and tempo to it. Another soundtrack is used for all the levels and is also great to listen to. I was disappointed however that the same soundtrack was used for all of the different areas such as the desert and the jungle. Some sound effects are used such as a scream when falling and are funny to listen to. All round a good performance.

This game obviously has a very unique gameplay. The storyline behind the game is that the wizard accidently blew up the world of Sway and your friends were scattered all over the world. You must help Lizzie rescue all your friends and when you do they can be used to Sway also. Each level terrain, such as the desert or jungle, starts off with a really easy level but gradually gets harder as you progress. The aim of each level is to complete it in a certain time and collect so many stars to get a rank of Gold, Silver, Bronze or a lollipop. There is no punishment for not completing it in a certain time as you still progress, but it provides a great incentive to replay levels. For levels where you must save friends you have to Sway around and also find three keys that when found and the level finished, unlocks that certain character. This game is very fun and the challenge provided for those who want to take up the challenge is great, but for those learning the ropes of Swaying they can just complete the game and feel the success of unlocking all the characters. The gameplay has been well thought out to keep it to one difficulty level and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sway is amazingly addicting game that is near perfect on all levels. The game has a huge replay factor as on my first time finishing the game I only got gold on two of the 25 levels, so I feel the need to master other levels. The only small thing I would like to see fixed is that if you spin around in a circle really quickly before letting go, you can actually fly through walls and in my eyes is an annoying glitch, especially when I wish to be stopped by the wall. Addicting gameplay, gorgeous graphics and a super soundtrack will keep you Swaying for hours. This isn't one to miss out on.

Gameplay- 9/10
Graphics- 10/10
Sound- 9/10
Overall- 9.5/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- Rasta Monkey

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Sneezies Easter Edition

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Sneezies Easter Edition's review is just the Sneezies review we did back in January but we have added some information and edited parts that have changed between versions. The game is basically the same so there is no real need to re-write the review. By looking at the length of the review you can tell how far I have come in how I write the reviews!

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Sneezies Easter Edition is a popping game by Chillingo Ltd. $0.99

Sneezies Easter Edition is a cheap, fun game which can be played for a few minutes or a few hours. It is a special version of the original game, Sneezies, that has had a character and graphics makeover for the Easter theme. Never have I played a game where I am shouting at my iDevice because the cute ball of fluff won't sneeze! The aim of the game is to pop so many sneezies each level to advance, this is surprisingly hard and very addictive. The two different game modes, Classic and Challenge, have been slightly edited for this version to be slightly shorter so they can actually be completed. Classic now only has 24 levels and the Challenge mode has 8 levels.

The graphics in this game are very detailed, while being cute at the same time. The game is bright and colorful with its detailed backgrounds and cute Sneezies. It is very polished and is very smooth when lots of Sneezies are popping at once. It is very good for a game of this price. The controls in this game are so easy to use. To let off your sneezing dust you just tap where you want on the screen to set it off. Nothing else is needed in the game, keeping it as simple as possible!

I absolutely adore the sound of this game. The relaxing background music is enjoyable to listen to and the giggling I get out of hearing the Sneezing sneeze is priceless. It is great to play with the sound turned on.

The game as said before is quite simple. In classic mode you have one sneeze that you must use to pop so many Sneezies to advance to the next level. Once you touch anywhere on the screen, sneeze dust is released and any Sneezie that comes in contact with the dust also sneezes and starts a chain reaction. As you get further into the game is becomes gradually harder with more sneezies required to be popped to advance. In challenge mode you have five sneezes available to use to pop a certain number of Sneezies. As you pop them more come in their place before you sneeze again. If you pop over 75% of Sneezies on the screen in one sneeze, you get another turn. Both modes are fun to play and both very challenging.

This game has a huge replay factor. Certain levels will have you restarting it countless times to get past the level. A very fun, yet challenging game. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys puzzle games, a great buy.

Gameplay- 8/10
Graphics- 9/10
Sound- 9.5/10
Overall- 9/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- Sneezies

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iPingPong 3D

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iPingPong 3D is a Table Tennis game by Chillingo Ltd. $0.99

iPingPong is the only Table Tennis game I have played on the iDevice, and by looking at the pictures on Table Tennis Star and Zen Table Tennis is the best in the way of camera angle for gameplay. For a start it is the only one that lets you play friends over a local WiFi, which I haven't had the chance to do. There are also many different game modes to play with such as Practice, Quick Match, Tournament and Multiplayer. There are 5 difficulty levels to play against in the Quick Match and these levels are used in the tournament mode. This game is a heap of fun and really surprised me how much I would play the game, as it is very challenging for all skill levels.

The graphics are fairly basic but there isn't much needed for a Table Tennis game. Don't be deceived by the first image on the iTunes page as that is not what the game looks like. If it did I believe it would be a lot better but instead picture five shows the actual game. It's not as good with the images not being as smooth as they could be, but the camera angle is actually alot better. The frame rate is very high and the game always runs smoothly. The controls are just like Table Tennis games on the computer, with your finger being a substitute to the mouse. You must drag you finger around the screen and that controls where the paddle moves to. Hitting the ball in different ways will put effects on it like a smash or a cut.

The game itself has no music in it but there is a soundtrack on the menu. It is actually quite enjoyable to listen to and is some of the more modern music I have heard in a game, meaning it has the punk rock sound to it. In the game there are sound effects for when you hit the ball. A few people cheer when you win a point, boo when you lose a point and a crowd cheers when the win a set or the match. For those who don't like the sound you can turn it off and use the music on your iDevice.

The game is very fun to play around with. Practice mode involves no scoring and just perfecting your skills before actually playing a friend or the computer. Quick match gives you a lot of options to suit how you want to play. The difficulty level of your opponent can be chosen as well as the length of the match, either 1, 3 or 5 sets. This mode is for those who want to get practice before playing their next opponent in the Tournament. Tournament mode involves you climbing the charts against 15 other oddly named players. As you increase your rank so does the difficulty of your opponents. The tournament can be stopped at anytime and you keep your rank, and losing the match doesn't make you lose your ranking. I generally only play the Tournament mode, and am currently trying to beat the #5. Finally multiplayer mode lets you play a one on one match against someone who is on the same local wifi as you. I would like to see a step up from this with matches over the internet, so globally.

This game is very fun with its slick gameplay and many modes. iPingPong challenges the most skilled players and has many hours of fun packed inside the cheap price of $0.99. I would like to see the option to have more arenas or places that you can have the match set, but for now it is good. iPingPong is a great sport game for every type of gamer, as I have had no past experience with Table Tennis in real life and thoroughly enjoyed playing it. This is the cheapest game of its type on the App Store, and by looking at the other two it is quite easily the best. I suggest playing this in short bursts as a pick up and play game as it can get a bit repetitive, but that is your choice. All round a good game.

Gameplay- 9/10
Graphics- 7.5/10
Sound- 8/10
Overall- 8/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- Table Tennis Star

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The Creeps

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The Creeps is a tower defense game by Super Squawk Software. $0.99

I am a big fan of Tower Defense games but only if they have alot of variety. The reason why I love Fieldrunners is because of its limitless possibilities when building your maps the way you want to. This game has the original path implemented into the game and you choose what to shoot with gameplay. What sets this apart from most of the tower defense games on the App Store however is the amount of variety in the game from the number of maps to the different guns and how they are put into the game. Each of the 16 unique paths that are on two different locations have only certain weapons that can be used. In total there are 8 towers that can be placed on the map. 4 towers are normal towers with special abilities such as goo or lightning that have three upgrades for them each. The other four towers are super towers which use the accelerometer for their attacks. These super towers generally are pre-placed on the map and can't be bought, apart from on the last level. There is a normal mode and an endless mode on all maps. The normal mode lets you try to last so many rounds before winning and letting the next level become unlocked.

This game is a great example of how good cartoon version games look. This game is highly detailed with its nice dark, yet somehow light hearted graphics. There are no flaws in the game and is very professionally done. For a game that is only $0.99 it looks just beautiful. The controls in this game are very simple but can sometimes get frustrating. To buy or sell a tower you tap in the desired spot and choose which one to buy or choose to upgrade/sell the tower. If you accidentally click the wrong spot you can't remove it without losing money, but 98% of the time this won't happen. To target an enemy or object on the map to shoot at you just touch it and a red arrow will pop up above it so you know what is being targeted. The super towers all use the accelerometer and the iDevice has to be tilted every way to make the towers special effects work.

This game has no in-game music, yet has its own sound effects. Truth be told they aren't much, just the sound of the weapons shooting and the enemies dieing. I prefer with this game to play with the sound off and jam to my own tracks while killing all the zombies and other things that go bump in the night.

The gameplay of this game is simple enough. You must buy towers with money to kill all the enemies and not lose all your health, which is next to the little boy in bed. The money is earned by killing the enemies and for an original concept of destroying all the surrounding environment such as trees and rocks. This is a great concept and involves even more strategy if you are trying to get as much money as possible. The game basically runs itself, and you only control the movement of the super towers and when to place towers. The game is alot of fun and the amount of maps to complete will provide you with alot of entertainment. There isn't much to actually say about how the game works as it is your simple Tower Defense game.

This super addictive fun game should be on everyones iDevice. For only $0.99 this has so much gameplay in it with more to come, usually at a higher price like $2.99 I would still rank this game very highly. There is a heap of replay value in this game as the endless modes on each level provide more fun once you have mastered the normal mode and unlocked all the levels. Any fan of Tower Defense games like 7 Cities, Tap Defense and Fieldrunners should have this or at least test out the lite version to see how fun it is.

Gameplay- 8.5/10
Graphics- 9/10
Sound- 6.5/10
Overall- 8.5/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- 7 Cities

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Baseball Superstars

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Baseball Superstars is a baseball game by Gamevil. $4.99

Baseball Superstars is the first baseball game on the iDevice that has caught my attention. Apart from the SGN free game, iBaseball, there was really nothing any good in the baseball sector. This game still doesn't give the real MLB feel but is a very good cartoon version of the game. With Flick Baseball coming for probably $0.99 I am sure you are wondering why you shouldn't just wait for that? Well basically this game has weeks on end of playing to get through the finish it all as well as its very addicting gameplay. This game has 10 competitive teams to play with, 4 unique stadiums to play on, 5 different game modes to master, 3 difficulty levels for your own level of skill and 12 hidden players to choose from! This last one is the hardest to complete as I will talk about later. As you can see from all the variation in the game you will be playing with it for a long time, I have had it for over 50 days and am still playing it daily.

This game screams out mobile port, which it exactly is. Knowing that it was ported means I'm not going to be as harsh as I would be with this game. The graphics are certainly cute and are good for the cartoon baseball feel, but they are a bit pixelatted. I would have like to seen a bit more of a change between the mobile and iDevice version but they are still nice to look at. Flick Baseball looks like it will be a 3D baseball game while this is a 2D game. The game uses nothing apart from an onscreen controller that is designed specifically for Baseball Superstars. They are out of the way of the gameplay and are easy to use. On the left of the screen there is a d-pad for the menu (which should just be a touch screen job) and for moving your player or ball when batting and pitching. On the right side there is a large button for hitting and ball, a button for cancelling a run, a button for bunting the ball and a button for running another base if the player has stopped/ special powers hit. These don't take long to get the hang of and are really needed for a game like this.

This game has alot of sound effects and in-game music to listen to, but I didn't really enjoy it. While they put alot of work into everything, there is a few parts which I disliked. First of all everytime you even touched the screen a very annoying beeping noise was made and this really turned me off the sound. The game definitely came from developers in Japan, as the music sounds like it could easily fit into one of the anime shows over there. I could stand listening to it if the loud beeping noise was removed.

This game has a heap to play around with. There is a single game mode where you choose your team and your opposition and play 9 innings or more if need be. This mode is you only one where you bat for every player and also pitch the whole time. Great practice for beginners. There is a season mode where you choose your team and play through a season of 36 games to try and win the championship. I don't really know why this is an option as the Career mode is far better and plays on the same principal. Career mode is where you will mostly be playing. You create a character and play through his whole career starting out as a lowly skilled batter or pitcher, you can't be both, and work you way through up to 16 seasons. You get to buy new equipment for your player that improves his stats as well as train him and go to events like dates and interviews to get more money and popularity. This is alot of fun and is really the only mode I have given much play time with. You can have one batter and one pitcher in career mode at one time, but I mostly play with my batter as it is quick and easy to play matches. The next mode is a home-run mode where you have nine balls to get as many home runs as possible, and extras if you get combos of more than one home run in a row. This mode is really only to get G-Points to get special upgrades for your career player and to unlock special characters. The last mode is mission mode where you complete Batting and Pitching missions to again earn G-Points for your player.

This is a super fun game, and is easily a home run above all its other competitors. I really enjoyed playing this game as it is quick and easy to play just one match, but it will hook you there for a whole season or two. For those a bit skeptical about the game there is a lite version to try, but I would go straight for the full version at $4.99, it is worth it!

Gameplay- 9/10
Graphics- 7/10
Sound- 7/10
Overall- 8/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- Flick Baseball (To be released)

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5 Fingers Games Bundle

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This is a special press release from Majic Jungle, the publisher of the 5 Fingers Games Bundle as well as our comment on it below-

The 5 Fingers Games Bundle for iPhone - It's a steal

Five Independent developers unleash a pioneering new concept for iPhone gaming. The 5 Fingers Games Bundle takes five of the most popular, and best selling iPhone games, and combines them into one great package.

This is the first games bundle for the iPhone, but the real story here is the way in which it came about. In an increasingly competitive market, five different development teams have taken a break from fighting for a spot in the App Store Top 100 to create something wonderful. Independently connected through a shared admiration and enthusiasm for each other's work, they have joined forces and worked together to deliver a bundle brimming with quality.

Often for a games bundle, a publisher pulls together one or two good titles and pads them out with some weaker games, but this the best selling game from each of five developers. There's a game for everyone in the 5 Fingers Games Bundle. Each one is a gem in it's own right, with production values, quality, and heart.

Chopper - Previously a #1 game on the App Store
Up There - The most emotive game on the store
Sneezies - An adorable puzzle game for all ages
BurnBall - Addicting and high energy arcade action
BlackBeards Assault - Puzzle adventure on the High Seas

Together these games have a value of over $10.00, with each being at least $1.99. The bundle is available for just $4.99, a discount of 50% or more off each game!

The bundle includes only the latest full versions of each game. They are all neatly wrapped up in a single application, a simple launch pad is presented on startup, and it's quick and easy to jump into any of the five games. So as an added bonus for the hardcore iPhone gamer who has hit that 148 apps limit, the bundle only takes up one precious slot on the iPhone dashboard.

The participating developers are: Majic Jungle Software - Chopper, Veiled Games - Up There, Antair Games - Sneezies, IMS - BurnBall, and Warhorse Games - Blackbeard's Assault. The 5 Fingers Games Bundle is published by Majic Jungle Software.

5 Fingers Games Bundle on iTunes

5 Fingers Games Bundle website

Game websites:
Up There
Blackbeard's Assault

This pack is a superb idea that provides a great bargain to 99% of people, even if you own one or two of the games already. At $0.99 cents per game when each is $1.99 or more usually it is really worth it. The menu is easy to use to choose the different game is very simple. Here is a quick run-down on what each game is about.

Chopper- Chopper is a side scrolling arcade game with 20 levels to complete. You must tilt your way buildings to complete the level requirements by shooting the enemies and saving civilians and other missions.

Up There- The aim of Up There is to tilt your device to help your balloon escape through the obstacles in this fun arcade game. Very challenging and requires alot of focus. Alot of fast paced addicting fun.

Sneezies- Sneezies is also an arcade game where the aim is to pop as many sneezies as possible from one sneeze. This is caused of chain reactions with the sneezies sneezing and the dust makes other sneeze. Quite addicting and very cute.

Burnball- Burnball is a game of territory where your ball must avoid robots and capture 75% of the screen to move onto the next of ten levels. I really enjoy playing it as well as the many contests that are held with it.

Blackbeard's Assault- This is a different variation on a match 3 game. Colored cannonballs follow courses that you need to fire cannons into to destroy them in groups of 3 or more. Good storyline and enjoyable to play.

I would recommend that you get this pack now, who wouldn't want 5 high quality games for $5?

Zenned Out Special: Zen Bound

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iTunes Link

Zen Bound is a rope and wood game by Chillingo Ltd. $4.99

I never thought I would say this (At least before the release of Need For Speed) but wow. No words can describe how perfect this game is, but I will give it my best crack. This game has no flaws in it what so ever for a game with such simplicity. I was hoping this game wouldn't turn into an overrated game due to so much hype like I believe Rolando became, but this lived up to its expectation and easily surpassed it. Especially on the hand held devices there are really no games which would make you buy the console, like Halo does for the Xbox 360, but Zen Bound comes as close as possible to that mark. This game brings a calm and easy feel back to gaming, while still providing a challenge to complete all the 51 levels that are in the game. Each of the levels requires you to paint 70% of the item to go onto the next level, but this won't get you far as you earn more flowers when you pass 85% and 99%.

This game has super amazing graphics. This game has been made with a heap of dedication putting a huge amount of detail into every little thing. The wood pieces are very polished and look superb with the original backgrounds for each level. Even the menu looks amazing with its excellent design of a tree with the levels hanging off it. Just a super game all round. The controls in this game are pushing what can be done to new boundaries. While they are simple, they show how effective a game can be when utilized correctly. The touchscreen is used to choose what path the rope will take around the objects, with a swiping motion used to rotate the object and the rope automatically sticks to it. The accelerometer is used effectively to choose how the rope is positioned both when starting your wrapping or in between. This doesn't sound like it needs to be used that often or to even make an effect in the game, but for those tight places in harder levels it is a vital skill to master.

Most games I have played have had a nice soundtrack, but not a great soundtrack. This game has just that, the best soundtrack out of any of the three zen games we have reviewed and uses the headphones to perfection. Like as in Soul Trapper, Zen Bound uses the single headphones approach (Basically where the sound is only coming out of one headphone at certain times). This is used very well and the peaceful soundtrack suits it perfectly, again some of the best music we have heard in any game.

If you had never heard or seen of this game before, its description would sound like it is some absolutely boring game. A game where you have to wrap a piece of rope around a wooden object doesn't sound very exciting, but once you experience it you are automatically converted. There are no time limits in this game but there are requirements to advance in the game. So many flowers have to earned by completing the levels by 70%, 85% or 99% before advancing and having more levels to play. For those who are just improving Secret Exit has split the levels into two sections so if you get really stuck you can just swap sections between the Tree of Reflection and the Tree of Challenge. How the game actually works is that the rope that you must wrap around the objects put paint on the object where the rope is stuck and slightly around it. You have so many meters of rope to use on each level and is determined by the size of the object. At 70% the end nail on the object starts glowing and if the rope hits that the level ends, so it is vital to avoid it but leave it available to hit. It sounds very simple but with all the cracks and shapes on the objects it is actually very difficult. If you forget about the inside or have large chunks of rope in the air hanging from two pieces of the object then it is impossible to paint a large part of the object. A strategy of how to attempt each level is needed before starting to plan where the rope will go.

This game is so amazing. With such an original idea that is perfectly suited to this device, it has been pulled off so well. I never heard of Secret Exit before this game but after playing Zen Bound I will be looking out for any of their future games. This game has perfection written all over it, with not a single flaw in the game. For such a peaceful game it will also provide a challenge for those who want to complete the game 100%. This is easily the best game on the iDevice up to the date of this review, I can't recommend it enough. If you don't have this on your iDevice right now do not hesitate to buy it straight away. I have seen countless reviews of the game and not one has been a negative review. Just perfect.

Gameplay- 10/10
Graphics- 10/10
Sound- 10/10
Overall- 10/10 PERFECT SCORE!

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- TanZen & Zentomino

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Zenned Out Special: Zentomino

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Zentomino is a Pentomino game by Little White Bear Studios. $1.99

Zentomino is the latest addition to Little White Bear Studios Zen games. This game is a little bit more challenging and takes the form as another puzzle game called Pentomino. The aim of the game is to fill in the puzzles with a selection of the twelve, five square in area, pieces. This game is alot harder as unlike TanZen there isn't one set way to complete the game and not every piece is used. There are less puzzles in Zentomino, with only 144, but I am sure as with TanZen there are more to come in updates. The 144 puzzles will still take a long time to get through. Sadly I can't write this review through the eyes of someone with no experience like I imagine most of you are, as I have had practice with a variety of the game I have played on Puzzle Pirates. I still find the puzzles quite challenging and most times I still had to resort to hints.

Like in Tanzen there is not much that can be done to the graphics without losing its simplicity. But what is in the game looks smooth and very professional. The background and puzzle pieces are simple yet effective. The side piece trays are a handy addition to stop clustering up the puzzle area. Each piece has its own original pastel themed color so when it is easy to define against other pieces. The controls again are slightly different to TanZen. The how to move the pieces are the same but rotating the pieces is different. Inside of using the 360 degree slider you just tap the piece to rotate it 90 degrees and double tap to flip the piece. The double tap is used alot more as the pieces have squares sticking out they just won't fit unless flipped. To take pieces out of the sides trays and drag it out and the same to put it away.

The sound in the game also have a strong Zen theme attached to it. The music has been altered and has a different tune to it. While this is only a small change it shows there is some dedication put into the games, as stuff isn't just being shipped from one game to the next.

The game again has no time limits, level requirements or achievements to speak of. The puzzles in this game vary in size from having four pieces needed to complete it all the way up to all twelve pieces. A great new hint system has been implemented into Zentomino as 2 hints for a four piece puzzle would not suffice for a twelve piece puzzle. The puzzles have kind of been graded by the number of hints available to use. The four piece puzzles will only show a hint for one of the pieces while the twelve piece puzzles show hints for up to four pieces of the puzzle. Another improvement from TanZen is that the pieces actually lock into place on the puzzle when you let go to them. This makes it alot easier and really means that you can't get caught by having the pieces overlap. I really enjoyed this game and even though it has less puzzles than TanZen, I found them more challenging and alot more fun.

This game is very easy to slip into a playing coma and before you know it you have missed that taxi to the airport and then your next four connecting flights. The small improvements or variations that have been made from TanZen to Zentomino make for a great gaming experience. I seriously think that this game is better then TanZen even if it won't last as long. As being an experienced player I know how to play so with this I suggest you get your own opinion of it from the lite version which is now available. This is seriously addicting and not one to miss out even experiencing how good it is. Two amazing games by Little White Bear Studios, best games of this genre that I have seen.

Gameplay- 10/10
Graphics- 9/10
Sound- 8/10
Overall- 9/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- TanZen

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Zenned Out Special: TanZen

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TanZen is a Tangram game by Little White Bear Studios. $0.99

I may be one of the nine people on this planet that have never heard of TanGram puzzles before I saw this. To be honest I didn't know what to expect, but after getting the hang of it I was instantly hooked. There are 441 puzzles challenging puzzles to complete with a Masters mode for those who have completed all 441. Masters mode includes making the puzzle with just a small thumbnail image in the right hand corner. For the other eight people who have no idea what TanGram is it is basically a picture or outline that must be filled in perfectly by 7 puzzle pieces that do not change shape for different puzzles. I was amazed how many puzzles can actually be made from just seven pieces. When starting out the puzzles are very hard as you are not familiar whether pieces will fit or not, and you will usually be forced to use both hints to complete the puzzles. After a while the puzzles get easier and then you can start to aim for completing puzzles without using any hints.

There is not much that can be done to the graphics without losing its simplicity. But what is in the game looks smooth and very professional. The background and puzzle pieces are simple yet effective. For those who are looking for a bit of variety you can choose the colors out of the puzzles pieces from three colors! The controls are fairly simple to use once you master it. To move pieces you touch them to control them and hold and drag to move them. When you are controlling that certain piece there is a circle around it. Dragging your finger around it will change the angle that the piece is positioned and is necessary for 99% of the puzzles. For those who want a quick way to rotate the pieces 180 degrees you can just double tap the piece to do just that. These controls work well in TanZen, and as you fill find out they are totally different for Zentomino.

The sound in this game is definitely a strong zen theme. The game reminds me of sitting in a Zen Garden and just meditating. I really enjoy listening to the sounds for a short period of time, but sometimes feel like I need to rock out to my own tunes for a break in the piece.

The game has no time limits, level requirements or achievements to complete in order to unlock more puzzles in the game and such. While completing all 440+ puzzles is an achievement in itself I believe. As stated above this game is all about fitting those pieces into the puzzle with no overlapping or any of it over the edges. While some of them seem impossible they are all possible to complete, I can tell you that from experience. The pieces of the puzzle do not lock into place like in Zentomino so can become a bit annoying when they only just slightly touch, but generally it isn't a problem. This super addicting game is great to just pick up and play whether you are stressed or already at one with your inner self.

Patience is the key to this game. I found the game so addicting that a five minute gaming period will soon turn into a two hour puzzle fest as you just need to complete that one more puzzle. Simplicity is bliss, and TanZen provides just that. I would recommend this game to everyone, there is a lite version to try with quite a few puzzles on it already, but I believe that there is no need trying it out first. The best Tangram puzzle game on the iDevice hands down, amazing value for $0.99

Gameplay- 10/10
Graphics- 9/10
Sound- 8/10
Overall- 9/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- Zentomino

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Shaky Summit

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Shaky Summit is a strategy game by IUGO Entertainment. $1.99

This game is an interesting one. I found it fun and very challenging but it was also often confusing and hard to play. There actually isn't much to do in the game sadly, basically two buttons are needed to play the game. For $1.99 it is graphically and visually passable and the game is fine but I found that it doesn't do a good job to engage me to be honest. The tutorial confused me even more and I would recommend just getting straight into the game. Basically all you need to do is watch the screen and hold down on the screen to set an earthquake on both players, hopefully putting an obstacle on your opponents head. There are four characters available to attempt to climb the summit with, one is locked at the start though. Each one of them has their own attributes to consider. There are three difficulty levels for the 10 levels and the objective is to get a gold medal on each. It all sounds very easy but it quite difficult to actually win the game as the computer will also send earthquakes back that sometimes prove to be the final hit that let them win.

This game has a nice feel in the graphics department, with its cartoony graphics and great camera angle. Most of the detail in the game has been put into the beautiful background that really looks like it is 3D. The changing of camera angles inside caves is a nice touch and gives a different view of the game. I am actually a bit disappointed with how the actual characters look, thinking that at least the thin guy could be more defined in his shape. As said above there isn't much in the way of controls. Supposedly you can tilt the iDevice to decide dodge rocks and such, but I found it happened automatically and didn't bother. To start earthquakes that trigger other disasters such as rolling boulders, slippery ice patches, cave floods and volcanic fire storms you just touch and hold anywhere on the screen until you wish to stop the earthquake. If your timing is right any obstacle may crush your opponent but they may also crush you. There is a boost on the left of the screen that can be used to speed up. I found this quite useless in trying to catch up and wasn't very effective unless you wanted to earn more points while in the lead.

The sound in this game has some nice sound effects and in-game music. There is a nice adventure tune playing in the background as well as various boulder smashing, volcano erupting sound effects. For those who do not like what is playing you can jam to your own tracks, but I am quite happy to listen to the music provided.

The actual game itself is a bit of a challenge. The one player mode is a race to the top of the mountain overcoming various obstacles. You are points on how efficiently you use the earthquakes and how much you are winning by at certain stages of the game. There are checkpoints on the courses and the further in front you are, the more points you get. These points are vital when going for even the bronze medal on courses. One of the good things about each level is that every time you play it the layout is randomly generated so even the worst person at the game can enjoy a bit of variety. The three difficulty levels don't give any more levels, just harder or more intelligent opponents on the levels. The 3rd of these difficulty levels is unlocked to begin with. There is a two player mode which works the same way as one player except you play your friend on the same iDevice. This is alot of fun and can often become chaos if you are trying to send off earthquakes at the same time. This one area of the game is where I feel not having many controls works quite effectively.

Overall this game was not the amazing thrill ride that I was expecting when I first saw it. More of a strategy game that turns into a hectic brawl when you decide to play against friends. The game takes a while to master and even longer to get gold on every course on each level, so it provides quite a bit of replayability. There is no point playing the one player mode after the game has been completed though. While I would like to see some more interaction in the one player mode, such as shaking to knock things around or other methods. Overall it is a fun little game to play around with, but don't expect it to satisfy all your entertainment needs.

Gameplay- 6.5/10
Graphics- 8/10
Sound- 8.5/10
Overall- 7.5/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- Zombie Attack ?

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Toy Bot Diaries 1, 2, 3

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iTunes Link 2
iTunes Link 3

The Toy Bot Diaries (1, 2, 3) are puzzle games by IUGO Entertainment. $0.99 each

This review will incorporate a review for the whole of the Toy Bot Diaries, as they basically just follow each other and are the same game. The Toy Bot Diaries was one of the first games on the App Store to really show what the iDevices were capable of as a gaming device. It has innovative controls that maximize the use of the touch screen controls. This puzzle game has a storyline throughout the whole series that is found by restoring your memory, by finding cell phones around each game. The first in the series starts off really easy and generally has more brain consuming mazes to get through by swinging and jumping over all sorts of obstacles. I found Toy Bot 2 started easy also but it seemed harder than the start of the first one. And again the start was even harder for TBD3. At full price the trilogy would cost about $15, but it is a great price of $3 for the whole lot. Since they are all out, as stated with IUGO, I would like to see a game just called Toy Bot Diaries. It would ha all 3 games for some discounted price of $10 or so… so newcomers can have one game on their dock instead of three.

The graphics are awesome for this game and have nothing wrong with them. For a 2D platformer it is very impressive. The cute cartoony graphics are really enjoyable to look at and give the Toy Bot Diaries a completed feel. For a game that was released at the start of the App Store’s history, well TBD1 was anyway, it is even more impressive as it came out of an era of some quite dodgy graphics. Not many graphically good premium games came out at the time. I can only think of Cro-Mag Rally, Texas Hold-Em and SuperMonkey Ball off the top of my head. The controls are a major part of its success. It was featured on many of the earlier Apple Ads showing its great gameplay and controls. The controls use almost all of the iDevices tools such as tilting, tapping and touch & hold. These are implemented very well and in my opinion still reigns supreme in this department.

The in-game music changes for each of the games based on the theme of the game in particular for the 3rd. The first two games games have the basic easy listening tune that is never a problem. There are a lot of sound effects implemented for all different things in the game from crossing a checkpoint to connecting yourself to one of the magnetic poles. The 3rd game also has these effects but the in-game music has more of a space theme to it, as that is where the game is set for the final chapter.

The game is very easy to get the hang of with the in-game tutorial as the first level on each game. The games objective is to get through all the levels collecting data packs to help you restore your memory and complete your top secret mission. The way this is done with the platform like puzzles will give you a heap of fun. Magnetic walls, rotating gears, electric floors, bombs and enemies will help or try and sabotage your way through the levels. This game can be played through at a peaceful pace with no clock or points to earn. Each of the games brings new obstacles and items to use in your adventure, making you actually want to buy the next in the series for some variety. At the end of each of the games there is a boss level that I found to be easy to complete, once you know what to do. Saying that they are easy doesn’t mean it is a quick thing to complete, as they are very grinding and one slip up can pull up some of your hard earned work.

Overall each of the games don't take very long to complete, only about an hour or so I found but I there is a high replay value to try and collect all the data packs. I am not much of a fan of platform games but this is one of those exceptions. This innovative series should already be on your iDevice, and if it isn't you should go and buy at least TBD1 straight away. This game proves how strong touch controls can be when used to perfection. For those who still aren't sure if they want this game then there is a lite version to try before you buy.

Gameplay- 9.5/10
Graphics- 9/10
Sound- 8.5/10
Overall- 9/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- Toy Bot Diaries Lite

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Soul Trapper Episode 1 - Ollie Ollie Oxen Free!

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Soul Trapper Ep. 01 is an interactive audio adventure by Realtime Associates. $7.99

Soul Trapper was a very unexpected thrill ride. When I first heard about this game I thought some audio clips stuck together with a go left or go right option every now and then. While this is put into the game there is ALOT more fun to be had. This game is more of an Audio Puzzle, forcing you to solve different obstacles that come your way by listening very closely to the game. One example is on chapter 9 where you must copy a pattern on an organ trying to figure out the right way to play it. There is a heap to do in this game with 23 chapters taking over 3 hours to listen to. It is a good attempt to spook people, mainly 10 year old children, and it best listened to at night to get the full effect of the game. The storyline follows itself very well and isn't just some unrelated material put together and sold. The only games I can think of that are near the category of this game are Alternate Endings and The Hysteria Project, both which involve film clips instead of audio.

The graphics in this game obviously aren't much, as this is an audio game. There is a nice hand-drawn image that shows for each individual chapter and has something to do with the current chapter. The option buttons that pop up are easy to use and mostly require audio instructions. I thought that there was going to be some animation with the pictures on the screen but I was mistaken. This isn't a bad thing, if there was animation it means I couldn't close my eyes and just listen to the game. I still would like to see some more pictures to immerse yourself in though. Even changes of picture when the scene of a chapter changes??

This game obviously has the best sound that I have heard to date. The voice acting by all the various actors is to the highest quality and really feels like it was done in a professional studio with no expenses spared for their buyers. Alot of work has obviously been put into the sound with over 3 hours of recordings for us to listen to. Apart from the voice acting there is also some very good sound effects added in to give that extra spook or to go the extra distance. Sounds like alot of the soul trap is an example of these effects. Sound has also been played around with in certain places such as voices of ghosts or other humans while Kane is in the Soul Trap. If an audio adventure didn't do enough to earn a 10/10 for sound then it would be a total failure. Gladly Soul Trapper isn't one of these failures and easily earns top marks.

The game follows the life of Kane Pryce, a drifter who possesses a Soul Trap that was built by his father. The Soul Trap allows Kane and his associate Ned to catch ghosts and send them into the afterlife. The game lets you follow the adventure of these two mysterious humans as they find a young boy, by the name of Ollie who is waiting at a church for his Mommy. This game is seriously alot of fun and really makes you feel in the action with the great audio and how it is passed onto you through the headphones. You can hear whether people are talking to Kane on the left or right of you and is used quite alot in some of the required interactive parts of the game. It is basically a self-explanatory game that is all in the sound, not much else can be said about the actual gameplay.

This game is great value. Over 3 hours to listen to the whole thing, but there is not really any replay factor in the game as it is just repeating itself. People may be turned off by the large size of the game, 264mb but then again Alternate Endings is over 450mb. The save feature in this can get a bit frustrating as I can exit straight out of the app and it won't save and it won't save your progress in a chapter. I would like to see automatic save whenever you quit the game right where you were up to in it... saving repeating stuff you have already heard. An intense game, brilliantly done, I would recommend this to people who like choose your own adventure books or similar games like 1112, Alternate Endings or The Hysteria Project.

Gameplay- 8/10
Graphics- 6/10
Sound- 10/10
Overall- 8/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- Alternate Endings

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Orions: Legend of Wizards

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Orions: Legend of Wizards is a RPG Card game by Chillingo Ltd. $4.99

A word of warning, for first time players this game will confuse the hell out of you. I have a vague idea of what Magic: The Gathering is about, which is what this game is like apparently, but I found it quite similar to that Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game. I was told to read a guide at MoreGames website before starting and I did that as well as read the rules on the game. I found that I didn't take it in, just confused me more. Starting the game with no idea whatsoever, I found it quite easy to play and get into. The in-game tutorial is quite helpful and explained it alot more than what I achieved from the rules. This game incorporates the RPG side of the game very nicely into the actual Card Playing. This is the only card game that I can think of on the App Store and is a great distraction from all these puzzle and racing games that dominate it.

This is a super detailed game. Each of the 75 original cards are made to perfection with alot of detail and fine artwork. The card game scenes have excellent animation in them and I can't think of anything wrong with it. The map with all the different islands to take over is pretty basic and uses 6 or 7 types of islands, and just repeats them. A nice touch would be individual shaped islands instead. Once you get onto each island it picks up again with great individual landmarks and the awesome buildings that you can place on each one. Overall the graphics are done to perfection, but I feel that they aren't smooth enough to get a 10/10. The controls in this game are very simple with a touch and/or drag motion to complete everything in the game. There is alot to learn to do, and may seem a bit daunting at first but as you play a few games you will slowly get the hang of it. The easiest bit if the card game. You tap on your different game type icons and choose which card you want to put onto the field. There is a crossed swords button which ends your turn and attacks everything that has been on the field for over a turn once. Simple gameplay that makes for alot of fun.

The sound in this game was surprisingly a bit disappointing. I was hoping for some more sound effects than what was in the game, all I found was themed music that changed between the main map and when you entered a card game. The music is fine and I have no problems listening to it, but I really wanted more fighting sound effects, explosion noises etc.

This game is a heap of fun and very easy to pick-up. I thought I would be spending a good hour or two just wondering why I am even in a blimp. There are two game modes, each with three difficulty levels. Duel faces you one on one against either someone over the same WiFi or a CPU at a set difficulty level. The decks are based on your character type. This mode is used by me mostly for competition between friends or practice against stronger difficulty levels to prepare for the career mode. As stated on the iTunes Information page, "Great replayability, due to random world and deck generation. You can play this game for years, and still every fight will be unique," making this game very hard to get sick of. The career mode lets you choose to be one of the six elements, water, fire, earth, air, death and life. After choosing that you start out on your home island and must progress to take out your enemy at the end of the chain of 30 something islands. As you take over islands by defeating their leader in a duel, your opponent is doing the same. If you defeat your opponent or vice versa, the loser is sent back to their homeland. If defeated on your homeland the game is over or you win if they are defeated. The same goes for taking over all the islands. This doesn't sound very exciting, but then the buildings come in. Every island allows you to build so many buildings on them with crystals, and only 3 buildings can be built per turn. A turn is one card game that you make before ending your turn, which must be done before challenging another island. The buildings available to build can either produce you more crystals or allow you to buy better cards. Strategy is the key as you will find out if you buy the game and makes for a great twist. To keep things even more interesting each time you finish the career mode with that race you get a trophy, and of course there are six to collect. I just realized I have written so much and not even talked about the card game. Each turn you get a point towards each of the elements, as the cards from that element require so many points to be summoned. They are either monster cards that attack and may have a spell on them or a magic card. The aim on the game is to take out your opponents life points before they do the same to you by either attacking them directly (So not having a monster in front of your card blocking it) or by magic. It is really simple but a heap of fun.

I could go on for hours about every detail in this game, there is so much in it. This is one of the most original games that you will find on the App Store. Even for people who have no idea how to play card games, like myself, you will still get a massive kick out of the game. The game has huge replayability and just to finish the whole game with all the elements on easy will take you over 10 hours. Super game that was then backed up by iDracula, don't miss out on buying this absolute gem!

Gameplay- 10/10
Graphics- 9/10
Sound- 8.5/10
Overall- 9/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- Magic: The Gathering (Not on iPhone)

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No.3- Crazy Hotdogs: Tailgate Party goes to-> vfknews@aol.com, illinifan2435@gmail.com

No.4- Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor goes to-> @JackCarlson1

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