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99Games Special: Aqua Jigsaw

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Aqua Jigsaw is a puzzle game by 99Games. $1.99

Aqua Jigsaw is a themed jigsaw app. I was quite surprised with the number of puzzles that you got for $1.99, more than 75 puzzles already on the app! I wondered how well a jigsaw game would go on the iPhone and this one delivered I believe. There are a few parts of the game that I would like to tweak but has a good variety of puzzles to complete.

The graphics of the puzzles are pretty good. The puzzles which you must solve are real life photos which are nice and detailed. Solving the puzzle is very smooth, when the right pieces are joined, they click together and can be moved around. One bit that could be worked on is that after selecting a picture to make, there is a section where it freezes and it doesn't allow you to start the photo when you choose.

The sounds in the menu are related to the theme of the app, in this case underwater. There isn't much in game music, just little clicking sounds when the puzzle pieces are joined together. I almost had a heart attack when the puzzle shattered at the start! I recommend you have the sound not on full when you play this game ;)

The game is basically getting a puzzle and trying to finish it as fast as possible. With over 75 puzzles to try and beat your time at, it will take a while. To drag puzzle pieces just hold and drag your finger around the screen. The only trouble is when you have a few pieces left sometimes they are hidden behind the puzzle. I would like the already joined pieces to automatically be put in the background to make it easier. You can change your difficulty level by playing with 4 to 24 pieces to put together and rectangular or irregular puzzle pieces.

These games have a large replay factor and will keep you entertained for ages. The amount of puzzles have made the $1.99 worth it. Quite a good game, would be better if the couple of problems mentioned above were fixed. I am sure 99Games will improve the game and add more puzzles so a great buy.

Gameplay- 7/10
Graphics- 8/10
Sound- 6/10
Overall- 7/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- Jigsaw Wild

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