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Smiles is a 3 in a row game by Sykhronics Entertainment. $4.99

Smiles is an app which features their two games, Smiles Drop and Smiles Zen at a discounted price. This game really makes 3 in a row fun again with four game modes, three themes and over 140 achievements to aim for. Smiles Zen is inspired by games like Solitare and Mahjongg by matching up all pieces on the board into rows of three or more matching pieces to win. Smiles Drop, Drop + and Avalanche are inspired by games like Bejeweled and Tetris where you must make matches and survive as long as possible to get a high score.

The graphics in this game are very well done. All the games are bright and colorful with a very polished feel to the game. The gameplay is very smooth, even when making lots of combos in a row it doesn't freeze or pixelate. The simple design of this game works wonders.

I enjoy listening to my own music in this game. Songs with fast tempo are excellent when making heaps of combos in Smiles Drop. It was a great idea to have this option in the game.

I will talk about the gameplay for the two main versions, Zen and Drop. Drop + and Avalanche are just varieties of Smiles Drop. Smiles Zen is a matching game where you are against the clock to finish the puzzle. You have one piece in your hand and must swap them with other pieces until you have matched up everything into rows of 3 or more. This is quite challenging and has a countless number of achievements to get while doing this game. There are also four difficulty levels, easy, medium, hard and master for everyones liking. Smiles Drop is the more time consuming game, but personally my favourite. This game is done so you must match rows in the same way but as they are matched they disappear and new blocks fall from the top. This game reminds me alot of Aurora Feint, but better. The way to get big scores are by getting combos, which can be done by quickly making matches until blocks stop falling. Ice and rock blocks are also on the map and must be dropped a certain number of rows before they break. The game takes a while to complete, only ending when there are no more possible moves so Drop, Drop + and Avalanche have most of the achievements for you to achieve. With three levels, easy, medium and hard as well as long play, this will keep you going for days.. or whenever your iPhone's battery runs out.

This game has an unbelievable amount of replay value. 140+ achievements to get, highscores to bear and the addictive nature of the game makes it worth every cent. If you enjoy puzzle games I wouldn't hesitate to buy it, the most original matching game I have seen in a long time.

Gameplay- 9/10
Graphics- 8/10
Sound- 7.5/10
Overall- 8.5/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- Aurora Feint

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