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FEATURE - Word Wonders - The Tower of Babel

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Word Wonders: The Tower of Babel is another entry into the Puzzle RPG genre that has been booming on the App Store in recent times. This game is worth your look with a high level of quality gone into the game by the developers dreamfab.
You begin your journey in the arcane Tower of Babel with nothing but your wits and magic words. During your journey into the upper levels of the tower you will be battling monsters and villains by laying magic words upon a game board as you progress along your path of power. To help you conquer your foes you will learn magic spells and use the power of alchemy to create powerful potions and items. So prepare yourself for the mythical magical word-based journey into the Tower of Babel with Word Wonders! Features 50 unique levels filled with dangerous monsters and mythical creatures. A fantastic story inspired by 1001 Nights! A boost board with many unlockable magic spells and special abilities. Alchemy system: Mix different ingredients to create powerful potions and items! Three different levels of difficulty with special rules of engagement each. Challenge your friends in hotseat mode on one device in an all-out multiplayer letter mayhem! Available in English, Spanish, French, and German: Play in your native language or improve your skills in the others! Supports Game Center, iPhone 5 and iCloud game saves.
The game looks quite good and so does the trailer. Take a look at it and see for yourself why this is a game you should consider!
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