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Cartoonizme is a photo editing app by Portegno Apps. $0.99

Cartoonizme is a very entertaining app which I spent hours with photos of my friends to make them a person with a stupid hairstyle and a huge mouth. This app is made to pimp out photos of yourself and your friends. This app and its sister app, Wanted serve this purpose very well and Cartoonizme actually make the pictures look like they are straight out from a cartoon show. Unlike Wanted, there are no words around the outside of the picture, but you can add a speech bubble with writing in it or custom made logos. There are alot of options able to be added to the picture which are all to do with the head so one picture can be reused multiple times to create different finishes.

This app is very well designed and offers alot of choices to play around with. Once you upload the desired picture you have the option to zoom in and out and change to opacity of the picture. Three different base options are available to add onto the picture. These are Facial Elements such as eyes, mouth, noses, wigs and scars. Accessories such as hats, glasses, headbands, christmas themes and new year themed items. Speech items such as speech bubbles and thought bubbles which can have any writing you wish in them. Unlike Wanted I found that the items on this look better when you have a close up picture, Wanted looked fine with a bit more zoomed out picture. Again the items can be zoomed in and out and rotated with ease by using two fingers on the touchscreen.

My opinion on this app is that it is very good to make fun of friends or to entertain yourself with pictures of yourself. I believe this is almost as good as Wanted, I would like to see more items for clothing sand to hold in the hand. This app is good, I would suggest trying the lite version which has less items to use, and if you enjoyed that don't hesitate to buy this. Very enjoyable and has a heap of items to keep you coming back over and over again.

Purpose- 8.5/10
Design- 8.5/10
Our Opinion- 8.5/10
Overall- 8.5/10

I would recommend this app if you enjoyed- Cartoonizme Lite

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