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Tweetie is a Twitter Client app by Atebits. $2.99

As many of you may know I use Twitter quite alot and finding a decent Twitter app for the iDevice has been hard. I have had my fair share of apps such as Twitterific and Twitterfon, but Tweetie easy is a full bodylength in front of the rest. Tweetie completes its purpose of being a Twitter client extremely well, just looking at the different features on iTunes completes a list of 23. There are some things on Tweetie that you can't even do without alot of effort and knowledge on Twitter. Some notable features of Tweetie is the 255 character Direct Message limit compared to Twitter's 140, the ability to use TwitPic and other services to post pictures, the ability to use TwitLonger and other services to post longer tweets, the ability to handle multiple Twitter accounts at once, the ability to search for nearby Twitter users and many many more. As well as these special features, the basic functions are delivered in a simple to use manner. This is obviously surpassed what is needed for the app, and being the only Twitter app in the top 50 is reason enough to buy it.

This game is designed to work to perfection on the iDevice. There is alot going on many buttons that are used in the app, and they are all big enough to be used with ease. There are different themes which can be used while using Tweetie. One of these is the bubble theme, that shows the users name under the profile picture with a speech bubble coming from them. This theme is generally easier to read and to determine who has tweeted what. I personally don't use this as I get many tweets from the people I am following a day, so I use the normal or 'dark' theme. These are the same except the dark theme is obviously darker. They still show the name and profile picture but the tweets are all joined together and are more compact. I find this easier for what I do, but they are both there to use. Reposting tweets from people and mailing the links or posts through email is all easy enough to get to. The main functions are all easy enough to use such as posting tweets and sending direct messages. Easy codes can be used for short-cuts in certain functions such as posting a tweet as 'D iPhone_Reviews' and it will send a Direct Message to iPhone_Reviews. Super easy design and first time Tweeters will be able to use it.

As you can probably tell I really enjoy using this app. A majority of my iDevice users that use Twitter use Tweetie, which shows how popular it is. This app has been super smooth for me, with the only problems occurring when there has actually been an outage on Twitter itself. Once using Tweetie, I have never gone back to my other Twitter clients. If you are a user of Twitter I would recommend buying this app instead of getting a free Twitter client, as the amount of options on Tweetie really sells it to me. For those who have never ever had a Twitter account or even know what Twitter is, it is the biggest social networking site that lets you send straight to the point messages. For first time users I would recommend getting a free app until you get the hang of Twitter and decide if you want to keep using Twitter before buying this. There is nothing that compares to Tweetie, Buy it now.

Purpose- 9.5/10
Design- 9.5/10
Our Opinion- 10/10
Overall- 9.5/10

I would recommend this app if you enjoyed- Twitterific

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iPhone_Reviews Says :
June 7, 2009 at 8:07 PM

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AppStore Reviewer Says :
December 5, 2009 at 4:58 PM

Seems like a very good Twitter app! I currently don't have any Twitter apps because I simply don't use it enough to need one. Still, I'll keep this in mind if I ever do need one, thanks.


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August 17, 2017 at 8:31 PM

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