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The Creeps

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The Creeps is a tower defense game by Super Squawk Software. $0.99

I am a big fan of Tower Defense games but only if they have alot of variety. The reason why I love Fieldrunners is because of its limitless possibilities when building your maps the way you want to. This game has the original path implemented into the game and you choose what to shoot with gameplay. What sets this apart from most of the tower defense games on the App Store however is the amount of variety in the game from the number of maps to the different guns and how they are put into the game. Each of the 16 unique paths that are on two different locations have only certain weapons that can be used. In total there are 8 towers that can be placed on the map. 4 towers are normal towers with special abilities such as goo or lightning that have three upgrades for them each. The other four towers are super towers which use the accelerometer for their attacks. These super towers generally are pre-placed on the map and can't be bought, apart from on the last level. There is a normal mode and an endless mode on all maps. The normal mode lets you try to last so many rounds before winning and letting the next level become unlocked.

This game is a great example of how good cartoon version games look. This game is highly detailed with its nice dark, yet somehow light hearted graphics. There are no flaws in the game and is very professionally done. For a game that is only $0.99 it looks just beautiful. The controls in this game are very simple but can sometimes get frustrating. To buy or sell a tower you tap in the desired spot and choose which one to buy or choose to upgrade/sell the tower. If you accidentally click the wrong spot you can't remove it without losing money, but 98% of the time this won't happen. To target an enemy or object on the map to shoot at you just touch it and a red arrow will pop up above it so you know what is being targeted. The super towers all use the accelerometer and the iDevice has to be tilted every way to make the towers special effects work.

This game has no in-game music, yet has its own sound effects. Truth be told they aren't much, just the sound of the weapons shooting and the enemies dieing. I prefer with this game to play with the sound off and jam to my own tracks while killing all the zombies and other things that go bump in the night.

The gameplay of this game is simple enough. You must buy towers with money to kill all the enemies and not lose all your health, which is next to the little boy in bed. The money is earned by killing the enemies and for an original concept of destroying all the surrounding environment such as trees and rocks. This is a great concept and involves even more strategy if you are trying to get as much money as possible. The game basically runs itself, and you only control the movement of the super towers and when to place towers. The game is alot of fun and the amount of maps to complete will provide you with alot of entertainment. There isn't much to actually say about how the game works as it is your simple Tower Defense game.

This super addictive fun game should be on everyones iDevice. For only $0.99 this has so much gameplay in it with more to come, usually at a higher price like $2.99 I would still rank this game very highly. There is a heap of replay value in this game as the endless modes on each level provide more fun once you have mastered the normal mode and unlocked all the levels. Any fan of Tower Defense games like 7 Cities, Tap Defense and Fieldrunners should have this or at least test out the lite version to see how fun it is.

Gameplay- 8.5/10
Graphics- 9/10
Sound- 6.5/10
Overall- 8.5/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- 7 Cities

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