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5 Fingers Games Bundle

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This is a special press release from Majic Jungle, the publisher of the 5 Fingers Games Bundle as well as our comment on it below-

The 5 Fingers Games Bundle for iPhone - It's a steal

Five Independent developers unleash a pioneering new concept for iPhone gaming. The 5 Fingers Games Bundle takes five of the most popular, and best selling iPhone games, and combines them into one great package.

This is the first games bundle for the iPhone, but the real story here is the way in which it came about. In an increasingly competitive market, five different development teams have taken a break from fighting for a spot in the App Store Top 100 to create something wonderful. Independently connected through a shared admiration and enthusiasm for each other's work, they have joined forces and worked together to deliver a bundle brimming with quality.

Often for a games bundle, a publisher pulls together one or two good titles and pads them out with some weaker games, but this the best selling game from each of five developers. There's a game for everyone in the 5 Fingers Games Bundle. Each one is a gem in it's own right, with production values, quality, and heart.

Chopper - Previously a #1 game on the App Store
Up There - The most emotive game on the store
Sneezies - An adorable puzzle game for all ages
BurnBall - Addicting and high energy arcade action
BlackBeards Assault - Puzzle adventure on the High Seas

Together these games have a value of over $10.00, with each being at least $1.99. The bundle is available for just $4.99, a discount of 50% or more off each game!

The bundle includes only the latest full versions of each game. They are all neatly wrapped up in a single application, a simple launch pad is presented on startup, and it's quick and easy to jump into any of the five games. So as an added bonus for the hardcore iPhone gamer who has hit that 148 apps limit, the bundle only takes up one precious slot on the iPhone dashboard.

The participating developers are: Majic Jungle Software - Chopper, Veiled Games - Up There, Antair Games - Sneezies, IMS - BurnBall, and Warhorse Games - Blackbeard's Assault. The 5 Fingers Games Bundle is published by Majic Jungle Software.

5 Fingers Games Bundle on iTunes

5 Fingers Games Bundle website

Game websites:
Up There
Blackbeard's Assault

This pack is a superb idea that provides a great bargain to 99% of people, even if you own one or two of the games already. At $0.99 cents per game when each is $1.99 or more usually it is really worth it. The menu is easy to use to choose the different game is very simple. Here is a quick run-down on what each game is about.

Chopper- Chopper is a side scrolling arcade game with 20 levels to complete. You must tilt your way buildings to complete the level requirements by shooting the enemies and saving civilians and other missions.

Up There- The aim of Up There is to tilt your device to help your balloon escape through the obstacles in this fun arcade game. Very challenging and requires alot of focus. Alot of fast paced addicting fun.

Sneezies- Sneezies is also an arcade game where the aim is to pop as many sneezies as possible from one sneeze. This is caused of chain reactions with the sneezies sneezing and the dust makes other sneeze. Quite addicting and very cute.

Burnball- Burnball is a game of territory where your ball must avoid robots and capture 75% of the screen to move onto the next of ten levels. I really enjoy playing it as well as the many contests that are held with it.

Blackbeard's Assault- This is a different variation on a match 3 game. Colored cannonballs follow courses that you need to fire cannons into to destroy them in groups of 3 or more. Good storyline and enjoyable to play.

I would recommend that you get this pack now, who wouldn't want 5 high quality games for $5?

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