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Sneezies Easter Edition

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Sneezies Easter Edition's review is just the Sneezies review we did back in January but we have added some information and edited parts that have changed between versions. The game is basically the same so there is no real need to re-write the review. By looking at the length of the review you can tell how far I have come in how I write the reviews!

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Sneezies Easter Edition is a popping game by Chillingo Ltd. $0.99

Sneezies Easter Edition is a cheap, fun game which can be played for a few minutes or a few hours. It is a special version of the original game, Sneezies, that has had a character and graphics makeover for the Easter theme. Never have I played a game where I am shouting at my iDevice because the cute ball of fluff won't sneeze! The aim of the game is to pop so many sneezies each level to advance, this is surprisingly hard and very addictive. The two different game modes, Classic and Challenge, have been slightly edited for this version to be slightly shorter so they can actually be completed. Classic now only has 24 levels and the Challenge mode has 8 levels.

The graphics in this game are very detailed, while being cute at the same time. The game is bright and colorful with its detailed backgrounds and cute Sneezies. It is very polished and is very smooth when lots of Sneezies are popping at once. It is very good for a game of this price. The controls in this game are so easy to use. To let off your sneezing dust you just tap where you want on the screen to set it off. Nothing else is needed in the game, keeping it as simple as possible!

I absolutely adore the sound of this game. The relaxing background music is enjoyable to listen to and the giggling I get out of hearing the Sneezing sneeze is priceless. It is great to play with the sound turned on.

The game as said before is quite simple. In classic mode you have one sneeze that you must use to pop so many Sneezies to advance to the next level. Once you touch anywhere on the screen, sneeze dust is released and any Sneezie that comes in contact with the dust also sneezes and starts a chain reaction. As you get further into the game is becomes gradually harder with more sneezies required to be popped to advance. In challenge mode you have five sneezes available to use to pop a certain number of Sneezies. As you pop them more come in their place before you sneeze again. If you pop over 75% of Sneezies on the screen in one sneeze, you get another turn. Both modes are fun to play and both very challenging.

This game has a huge replay factor. Certain levels will have you restarting it countless times to get past the level. A very fun, yet challenging game. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys puzzle games, a great buy.

Gameplay- 8/10
Graphics- 9/10
Sound- 9.5/10
Overall- 9/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- Sneezies

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