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Valentine's Day Special: Rate My Kiss

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Rate My Kiss is a valentine app by Creative Coefficient Corp. $0.99

The main purpose of your app is to improve your kissing. While the best practice is on real people, this app simulates it quite well. This app gives you a heap of different lips to practice on with surprisingly, difficulty levels! You get rated on each kiss out of five by how well your lips go onto the lips of the other persons. The difficulty levels just makes it so that you have to be more accurate to get that 5/5. While it sounds easy enough to do, getting your lips in the right place is quite hard with all the different shaped lips and a flat surface. There aren't many ways you can make an app to practice kissing, this is one of the best ways that I can think of doing it.

This app has a great layout and is very easy to use for the first time. There are many different options available both male and female for the lips. The settings can make the kiss go that little bit quicker with a 5 sec or no countdown what so ever. There is an ability to have a name on the lips to make it that little bit more personal. The kiss itself it executed quite well. After the countdown, if you have one, you kiss the screen and your lips are shown on the screen. Be warned it is a pair of pre-made lips and not your own, but they go exactly in the position of yours. There is no need for a how to button as this game is bright and easy to use

My opinion is that this is an app which will make the most mature person giggle at the thought of kissing their phone. That thought soon goes away when after hours of practice kissing that one girl on the smoking level until you get a 5/5, you show her and get to test it out in real life. If you have a screen protector I suggest using that, as the screen will get quite dirty. If not a cleaning cloth will do. One recomendation I have for you is not to use your tongue, the screen doesn't like slobber. A hilarious app, alot of fun, hope it brings you something special this valentines day!

Purpose- 8/10
Design- 9/10
Our Opinion- 9.5/10
Overall- 9/10

I would recommend this app if you enjoyed- Wobble™ Her Bikini

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