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Textropolis is a word game by Ian Marsh. $2.99

Textropolis is a game which has a huge heap of content to keep you coming back for weeks. This fun game lets you create as many words as possible from the 30 nine letters long cities. The cities have a long list of words to find, ranging from 90 to 400 odd words. The competition heats up with the game allowing you to have multiple accounts for family rivalry. The addictive gameplay has no time limits so you can relax and take your time crossing off the words.

Textropolis has brilliant graphics which I am disappointed to say don't get viewed as much as they should by myself. As you earn more stars the buildings on the top of the screen start to grow and more people start to walk across the screen. These are polished and each city has original city landmarks. The controls are very easy to use in the game. When making words you tap on the wanted letters. If you make a word the submit button will go then be available to click. This is a great way in my opinion to make the game, saving people from being frustrated when they submit a word and it says it is wrong.

There is very little in the way of sound effects or music in the click. Effects are made when clicking on the letters, but apart from that there i nothing. Your own music is available to use while playing the game instead.

The fun and addictive game has so much to do in it and the way it is done really makes the game what it is. With the basic principal of make words out of other words, this game really delivers it in a great way. To aim is to find all the words words with four or more letters in them out of the letters in the cities. The way to unlock each new city is to complete 10% of the words (One silver star) in the city before it and there are 10 stars to complete in each city. For a person with a large vocabulary, they should find 60% of the words easily but then the final 40% can either be guessed or more thought to figure them out can be put in. If you really get stuck shaking the iDevice will ask you if you would like a hint at the cost of 1,000 of your population. Population is increased for every word you find, and is really the only way to compare how far you have gone with others. The hints will bring the plane across the screen with the first letter of the word and a definition to help you. If you come across a word that you didn't know it will give a definition of the word, this is a great way to learn while having fun!

The amount of value you get for the price is amazing. $2.99 for days and days of use isn't bad work. I would recommend this to anyone, this is the best word game I have seen to date on the iPhone. After just a few minutes playing it will have you saying, "This is Amazing! Amazing: To affect with great wonder; astonish." Top Notch game Ian!

Gameplay- 10/10
Graphics- 9.5/10
Sound- 7.5/10
Overall- 9/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- Textropolis Lite

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