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Slotz Racer

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Slotz Racer is a racing game by Freeverse. $4.99

Slotz Racer is a unique game on the App Store that has a totally different perspective on what racing games can be. While we all think of racing games as something like Asphalt 4 or Fast & Furious, Slotz Racer takes the action down to our childhood memories with Slot Cars. Alot of us will remember the days of slot cars, a very simple process using one button so anyone could play. Freeverse has taken this concept and turned it into an all out competition featuring multiple cars, tracks and competitions. A free app called Slotz Track Editor lets anyone make their own tracks which can be played on Slotz Racer after entering a simple code. Slotz Racer also incorporates some actual racing features that we aren't used to in Slot Cars like the need for pit stops. At last count the game comes with 23 pre-made tracks varying in difficulty. Some of these tracks are made up for the purpose of the game while others are based off real life tracks. One example of this is the track called Yokohama Test Track. These 23 tracks make up 15 different competitions, ranging from endurance competitions to normal races. For $4.99 this game has quite a bit of content, and the other games modes will keep you playing for a while.

Slotz Racer has quite good graphics and is actually more detailed than I expected for a game based in someones bedroom. The track is always set up on a table and has walls in the background to resemble a room in a house. What really makes this an awesome game is the scenery such as crowds, trees and other objects that make this like a Bird's Eye View of an actual race. In the track editor these items can be added and taken away as pleased and some really cool places can be created. For a game that I didn't expect much in the graphics and really detailed and pleasing to see. The game is very easy to control. There is only one button to do everything. While this doesn't sound very fun it is a challenging game and a a knowledge of how to use the button effectively helps. The one button controls acceleration. You press and hold down to accelerate your slot car, to slow down for sharp corners so you don't crash you just let go of the button. When you are required to refuel your car you let go near the finish line and the car will stop after a short distance. This is a very engaging process as you are continuously braking and accelerating.

Slotz Racer has alright sound effects. While I have yet to find a car game that has got it right, Slotz is one of the better game in regards to how realistic it sounds. Instead of the boring noise of real life Slot cars, they have added sounds that make it sound like an actual car race. The sound effects included are acceleration and crashes. These are alright, but nothing to write home about.

The big thing that appeals to me in Slotz Racer is the amount of game modes available. The three main modes are quick play, single mode and multiplayer. Quick play automatically chooses your car and track and puts you in a 3 lap race. This is good for those who want a quick go while waiting at a bus stop or something. Single player gives you more options to play around with with race modes including Single Race, Championship and Practice. Single race lets you choose your type of race, either from race, time limit endurance and night race as well as the number of laps or time limit as well as how many competitors you are versing. Championship mode gives you a set number of certain tracks to compete in over a same lap or time length. You get points for your placing and if you win you get more tracks, cars and unlock the next championship event. Practice mode is an unlimited race on whatever track you like. There are different types of cars available and are sometimes only available in certain race types. Finally multiplayer lets you play aginst 1-3 other friends on the same iPod, which can be really fun. The same options of track choice etc. still apply. There are many options to play around with including difficulty and CPU crash likelihood, so all races can be changed to alter your experience level. The final part is the track editor, which is also featured in a free side app for those without the game called Slotz Track Editor. This lets you edit and create your own tracks with really the only rule being is that it has to fit on the table. Again this will gives you hours of fun. The tracks can be uploaded to any Slotz Racer game by entering a simple code.

Slotz Racer is alot of fun. If this had no options or different tracks etc. it would be a really boring game. The amount that you can play around with is amazing and and a one of a kind thing. Freeverse are known for the amount of content they stack into their games and of course Slotz Racer is no different. This is great for people of all difficulty levels with the amount of tweaking that can be done to make the game fair for anyone. Those who like racing games should pick this up, but for this really against racing games this may bore you with its simple controls. Those looking for the thrill of building your own track should buy this as in the free version you can't race and test what you build. Excellent work Freeverse.

Gameplay- 8.5/10
Graphics- 8/10
Sound- 6/10
Overall- 7.5/10

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- Days of Thunder

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4 Responses to "Slotz Racer"

AppStore Reviewer Says :
December 5, 2009 at 9:52 AM

I love Slotz Racer! It's one of the best Freeverse games. I found myself sucking at it though and always flying off the track.


jay paul Says :
July 17, 2014 at 3:40 AM

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Anonymous Says :
April 29, 2015 at 2:15 PM

Slotz Racer is no longer in the App Store, the link shared within this review leads to a dead page! However, you have a well written post here and it can indeed help folks looking to learn more about this cool game! I reckon that you can still edit the post right?!

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