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App Store Turns One Year Old

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We have done it! Over 50,000 Apps later an our beloved App Store is about to turn the big '1'!

In recognition of this achievement Apple has released what they consider to be the 'best' 30 games on the App Store.
Here is my top 30:

30. F.A.S.T - Fleet Air Superiority Training! $2.99

This amazing Flight Simulator from SGN is quite amazing graphically and offers an exciting flight with 'The War' coming soon.

29. BeatRider Touch $0.99

BeatRider lets you take control of what music you tap to with its revolutionary concept. Who needs to buy TapTapRevenge expansion packs when you can just download to BeatRider?

28. Metal Gear Solid Touch $7.99

Konami beautifully recreates an arcade style of Metal Gear Solid with all the cool graphics that we have come to expect. More of a point and shoot game but certainly one of the better ones.

27. Vans Sk8 Pool Service $2.99

The first true skating game on the App Store. Complete with a large set of tricks and a few real characters, you are set for one heck of a ride!

26. iDracula - Undead Awakening $2.99

MoreGames second game published by Chillingo. A simple arcade game that has blown me away how good it is. Looks out for Vampire Origins soon.

25. Flick Fishing $0.99

Freeverse's premier title that is the perfect fishing title with hours of adventure and fun to be around in both rivers and the high seas.

24. Amateur Surgeon $2.99

A flash game ported to the iPhone. Since when was a pizza boy using pizza tools to perform surgery not fun? It certainly is here.

23. Tap Tap Revenge 2 Free

The sequel to the hugely popular Tap Tap Revenge. With great graphics, themed tracks by large artists and TTR3 coming soon, why not join in now?

22. Knights OnRush $0.99

Finally a Defend Your Castle game was made actually fun! With graphics to die for and hilarious animations this is a game not to pass up.

21. Car Jack Streets $2.99

After Payback was released I was looking for a gamer with more depth. How about a storyline built to last 20 weeks! This is the perfect GTA clone (So far).

20. Terminator Salvation $4.99

As I call it Brothers In Arms 2.0 with improved graphics, gameplay and a whole heap of John Connor fighting Skynet. Join the Resistance now.

19. X2 Football 2009 $6.99

The best soccer game on the App Store with a more realistic game than Real Soccer 2009 and better graphics. Worth the extra price.

18. TouchGrind $4.99

Touchgrind is the first great app by Illusion Labs which uses the touch controls to perfection as a finger skateboard. One of the all time greats.

17. Let's Golf! $1.99

A great arcade style golf game with graphics on par with PSP golf game Hot Shots Golf. A heap of gameplay and worth buying at its sale price.

16. Doom Resurrection $9.99

id Software bring out this absolutely huge game with amazing graphics that still scare me at times. Definitely worth a pick up for fans.

15. Brain Challenge $4.99

One of the most unheard of Gameloft games that I see as better than the Nintendo DS Brain Training series. Still gets played daily 9 months later.

14. Baseball Slugger: Homerun Race 3D $2.99

Com2Us' second crack at making a baseball game and this one hits the spot with the addictive gameplay and super online Match-Up mode.

13. 2XL Supercross $7.99

Motocross champ Stephane Roncada has designed some beautiful tracks for a game which has some of the best graphics in the App Store.

12. Zenonia $5.99

Gamevil brings their popular mobile RPG to the iPhone with Zelda style graphics and over 40 hours of gameplay. Definitely getting your money's worth!

11. StarDefense $5.99

NgMoco take the tower defense concept and sticks in over far away planets providing an amazing 3D experience. An amazing concept that has once again worked.

10. Tiger Woods PGA Tour $6.99

Finally a true golf simulator has been brought onto the App Store by Electronic Arts. Tiger is back and runs smoothly in this great golf game.

9. Rolando $5.99

The iPhone's Mario. When we think of a staple game for our device we think of Rolando which uses all of the functions to perfection. If you don't have this you are missing out.

8. Fieldrunners $2.99

One of the most popular games and best games on any console for 2008. Brilliant graphics and an open field tower defense game that screams class.

7. Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles $4.99

A full DS port and for only $4.99? I call a great pick up. Assassin's Creed is one of my favourite Xbox game and this is certainly the same.

6. Real Racing $9.99

Australia's own Firemint bring 0ut their pride and showoff game Real Racing that is a extravagantly good racing sim worth all 999 cents that it costs.

5. Need for Speed: Undercover $6.99

Need for Speed can safely say it has the best graphics on the iPhone, with a racing experience to die for and a big dose of perfection in the fuel tank.

4. Zen Bound $4.99

Chillingo's premier game from developer Secret Exit. The simple process of wrapping rope around wood is mystifying and peaceful, coupled with amazing graphics. A must buy.

3. Peggle $4.99

Who would have thought that shooting balls at little colored blocks would be so addictive? Many hours of enjoyment is to be had in the superb game.

2. Rolando 2: Quest for the Gold Orchid $9.99

The sequel to the popular Rolando. With more levels and improved 2.5D graphics, this is easily worth the advertised $9.99. 'If you don't buy this you don't like videogames.' IGN.com

1. The Sims 3 $9.99

Electronic Arts takes the honors this year with their juicy Sims 3. Hours of fishing, gossip and exploring is to be had in a complete neighborhood and amazing graphics. BUY IT. LIKE NOW!

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iPhone App Reviewer Says :
August 16, 2009 at 3:08 PM

Awesome list. Keep it up

AppStore Reviewer Says :
December 4, 2009 at 8:41 PM

Happy birthday AppStore! Can't wait until your second birthday. Lol, half the games are like a dollar now. Good things come to those who wait..


Blogger Says :
August 16, 2017 at 11:38 PM

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