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EA Special: Need for Speed Undercover

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This is the sixth of nine+ reviews that will be written for the EA Special competition.

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Need for Speed is a racing game by Electronic Arts. $9.99

The long awaited racing game by Electronic Arts is finally released onto the App Store, and it was well worth the wait! The Need for Speed series is one of the most successful racing franchises ever since its first ever game in 1994. The series has been featured on many different devices and consoles but Need for Speed Undercover is the first one to appear on the iDevice. Some previous reviews I have done on 2XL Supercross and Zen Bound have talked about how good their graphics are for a device like this. Need for Speed blows these games out of the water, with graphics that would be above average for a game on the PSP. The graphics are backed up with equally as good sound effects, cut scenes and amazing gameplay. The way Electronic Arts have totally recreated the game, not just ported over a watered down version of Need for Speed Undercover console version is superb. The controls for the game excellently use the touch screen and accelerometer. An addictive action packed game that I am happy to call the best game on the App Store at the moment.

This game is so insanely good in the graphics department. I had a quick look on IGN at the PSP screenshots of Need for Speed Undercover and they look absolutely terrible compared to the iPhone version. For a device that was designed as a phone first and gaming second, this proves how much of a threat it will become if more games at this standard are released. Need for Speed looks so good it is hard to focus on actually racing and not the surroundings. Zooming past brilliantly made buildings and objects is something that has to be seen to be believed. The actual cars are easily the best looking ones I have seen for an iPhone game. The graphics were good in Fast & Furious, but the cars let it down a bit. I found when downloading other games while playing Need for Speed Undercover and it lagged a bit, making it hard to play. When it has nothing downloading in the background then the game is super smooth. Another great aspect of Need for Speed is the cutscenes that are played between each race to give a bit of a storyline to the game. The acting in these is very professional and looks superb also. After playing this game it will be so hard to give another racing game a perfect graphic rating again, possibly with the exception of Real Racing.

The controls have been implemented to suit the iDevice perfectly. While some people were a bit annoyed that it was an auto-acceleration game, I believe the need for this would become annoying, especially at high speeds. The car will auto-accelerate until it reaches its maximum speed. To brake you just tap and hold the screen for as long as you want. To use the nitro boost you swipe your finger upwards. To use the Speed Breaker you swipe your finger down. To pause the game you swipe two fingers down. Electronic Arts have done very well to implement the controls to maximise what can be seen instead of annoying buttons on the screen. The controls work well and are very responsive. Easily the best control set-up I have seen for a racing game on the App Store.

The one thing I have yet to see every close to decent in racing games is the sound effects. Need for Speed comes the closest to sounding realistic and has to be congratulated on that. The game has a nice mix of in-game music and car sound effects. In the background of the races you can hear great rock tracks that compliment the game very nicely. The car sound effects provide the most realistic racing experience for any iDevice game. The sound effects include accelerating, nitro boosts, crashes and braking. These sound quite realistic and the only racing game I actually enjoy listening to. The video clips between the races are professionally done not only by the acting but the sound and graphics also and are the only video clips I don't skip past in games.

Absolutely beautiful graphics and sound means nothing if it isn't backed up by a strong game. Need for Speed Undercover provides this experience. Need for Speed Undercover has the strongest storyline to back up the actual racing, and is better than the previous best Fast & Furious. As the title suggests, you are an undercover cop trying to break open a gang from the inside. The story ends with a massive twist at the end, but you will have to find out that for yourself. The main game features 24 different races over the Tri-City area. After the main story has been finished a special Drift tournament featuring 5 races is unlocked. There are 8 race modes to compete in. The Sprint race pits you against an opponent for a certain and set track. The Circuit race puts you against 3 other cars over a track for 3 laps. The Cop Take-Out race requires you to wipe out a certain number of cop cars in a certain time frame. The Highway Battle is an unlimited race that requires the winner to get a certain distance in front of your competitor to win. The Hot Car race requires you to escape the Cop car chasing you and make it to the finish line without destroying your vehicle. The Chasedown race is similar to the Cop Take-Out except you need to take out the other competitor in a certain time limit. Lap KO is similar to Circuit except after each lap the car in last place is eliminated. The Bounty race is similar to the main mode in Burnout Revenge where you have to crash and bash your way through the track to earn a certain amount of money. Finally Drift Mode requires you to make a certain number of Drift points over a track. These modes are all very fun and provide an exhilarating experience. The racing is very smooth and perfectly suited to the iDevice and a ton of fun. There is so much I can talk about with racing and all aspects of Need for Speed, but words cannot describe how amazing this game is.

Amazing graphics that are so good it gives amazing potential as a fully fledged gaming device. Great sound effects and storyline that goes hand in hand with the best racing game I have seen on the App Store. For those who are not sure, Need for Speed Undercover is an Arcade racer, unlike the upcoming Real Racing which will be a Simulation Racer. It is so hard to uncover flaws in this superb game but if I had to pick out some it would be the need for Multiplayer WiFi and Free Roam. This is one of the games that I wouldn't mind paying extra for more tracks, cars etc. If you own any racing game what so ever, even if it is Ferrari GT, Asphalt 4, Fastlane, Raging Thunder, Fast & Furious or GTS World Racing then buy this and compare the two games. Need for Speed dominates all other games on so many levels, and in my opinion is the best game on the App Store to date. I would be happy to pay $9.99 for this game and would easily pay $30 or more on the PSP or DS. Do not hesitate to buy this game, you will be blown away!
Gameplay- 10/10
Graphics- 10/10
Sound- 10/10
Overall- 10/10 - Perfect Game!

I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- Fast & Furious

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10 Responses to "EA Special: Need for Speed Undercover"

Anonymous Says :
December 4, 2009 at 7:46 PM

loved this game and i cant wait for shift to come out soon

goldglover411 on ta and twitter

AppStore Reviewer Says :
December 5, 2009 at 4:22 AM

Wow, another perfect score?! I was thinking of picking this one up when it was only $3 but I think I'll wait for Shift.. For now, I'm sticking with Real Racing.


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July 14, 2010 at 10:21 AM

this is really cool game, well in my device looks so cool of course I have to pay a lot of money to get my console, my wife almost kill me when she notice that I bought a console, but the pain and hurt is totally deserved.

viagra online Says :
December 15, 2010 at 10:01 AM

Need for Speed is my favorite game! I suppose it's because I'm very good at playing it! I always win. I also like it because it relaxes me so much

nitin Says :
July 29, 2011 at 1:40 AM

Wow, another perfect score?! I was thinking of picking this one up when it was only $3 but I think I'll wait for Shift..
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keylogger Says :
October 7, 2011 at 3:31 AM

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